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Pan fried turkey steaks with clementines

Pancake batter
Pancakes and maple syrupEasy20 min
Pan-fried scallops with tamarind and spicesEasy5 min
Pan-Fried Scorpion Fish in Olive OilMedium25 min
Pan-fried tiger prawns and creamed asparagusMedium15 min
Panfried Tuna Steak with Warm Potato Salad, TomatoEasy10 min
Panna cotta with strawberry coulisEasy20 min
Papaya crumbleEasy20 min
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Papaya fruit saladEasy25 min
Papaya with blueberriesEasy10 min
Pappardelle and smoked salmonEasy10 min
Paradise SunEasy5 min
Parma ham and melon skewersEasy10 min
Parmesan battered broccoli with salsa rossaEasy20 min
Parmesan soufflésEasy10 min
Parsnips with cardamom and yoghurtEasy15 min
Pascale saladEasy20 min
Pasta and baked beansEasy10 min
Pasta and courgette saladEasy15 min
Pasta carbonaraEasy30 min
Pasta salad with peanutsEasy10 min
Pasta with roquefort and garlicEasy10 min
Pasta With Sweet & Sour Tempeh & PumpkinMedium15 min
Pea & Asparagus Risotto Medium10 min
Pea & Watercress Soup Easy5 min

Pea and mint soup

Pea risotto

Peach and feta salad
Peach and mint soupMedium5 min
Peach cheesecakeEasy20 min
Peach gratinEasy10 min
Peach verrines with mascarponeEasy40 min
Peach ZabaglioneEasy25 min
Peach, apple & cinnamon compoteEasy15 min
Peaches in champagneEasy20 min
Peaches roasted in butterEasy10 min
Peanut bitesEasy10 min
Peanut pasta with fried tempeh bitsMedium10 min
Pear and chocolate gateauHard30 min
Pear and parmesan tartEasy20 min
Pear crumbleEasy30 min
Pear sorbet drinkEasy10 min
Pear tart and custard recipeEasy5 min
Peas on the sideEasy10 min
Pecan pieEasy20 min
Penne pasta in sardine sauceEasy15 min
Penne with Bacon and Red Pepper recipeEasy10 min
Pepper soupEasy30 min
Perfect boiled eggsEasy5 min
Perfect mashed potatoesEasy10 min
Perfect roast potatoesEasy20 min
Piccata Verde (veal escalope in green sauce)Easy10 min

Picota Cherry Cordial

Pina Colada

Pine nut tart
Pineapple carpaccioEasy180 min
Pineapple carpaccio with corianderMedium30 min
Pineapple frittersEasy15 min
Pineapple mousseEasy20 min
Pink strawberry tiramisuEasy40 min
PissaladièreEasy30 min
Pistou sauceEasy20 min
Pizza al prosciutto (prosciutto ham)Easy10 min
Pizza alla marinara (seafood)Easy20 min
Pizza alla napoletana (tomato & anchovy)Easy15 min
Pizza alla siciliana (artichoke & onion)Easy20 min
Pizza baseEasy150 min
Plain white riceEasy20 min
Planter's punchEasy15 min
Plum and raspberry crumbleEasy45 min
Plum and walnut crumbleEasy10 min
Plum flanEasy10 min
Plum Salsa Easy15 min
Poached eggs on a bed of potatoesEasy20 min
Poached pineapple with green mango and chilliEasy5 min
Poached turbot with morelsEasy30 min
Poisoned with a kiss cocktailEasy5 min
Polenta crusted aubergine and parmesanEasy5 min
Polenta pudding with light creamEasy30 min

Pomegranate and goat's cheese dip

Pomegranate mousse

Porcini mushroom risotto
Pork fillets with pineappleEasy15 min
Pork in caramelEasy25 min
Pork in caramelEasy10 min
Pork in satay sauceEasy20 min
Pork medallions with courgettes and raisinsEasy20 min
Pork with auberginesEasy20 min
Portugese stewEasy20 min
Potato and feta bakeEasy10 min
Potato and green pea curryMedium10 min
Potato Gnocchi with Tomato, Spinach & MascarponeEasy5 min
Potato, beans, sausage and cheese pieEasy10 min
Potatoes baked in foil with herbs and creamEasy15 min
Prawn and asparagus saladEasy30 min
Prawn and banana curryEasy min
Prawn and gorgonzola tartletsEasy min
Prawn and Ham Rice SaladEasy10 min
Prawn and pineapple kebabsEasy25 min
Prawn and porcini mushroom saladEasy15 min
Prawn and vegetable stir-fryEasy25 min
Prawn bhunaEasy30 min
Prawn Ceviche recipeEasy20 min
Prawn cocktailEasy15 min
Prawn noodlesEasy40 min
Prawn souffléEasy10 min

Prawns in green tea sauce

Prawns with orange and coriander, by Ken Hom

Prawns with oyster mushrooms
Provencal petit foursEasy20 min
Prune and bacon bitesEasy5 min
Pumpkin and caramelised shallot tarte tatinMedium15 min
Pumpkin and chestnut soupEasy15 min
Pumpkin and cinnamon tartMedium30 min
Pumpkin and sweet potato soupMedium15 min
Pumpkin curryEasy15 min
Pumpkin loafMedium20 min
Pumpkin pots with oat pastryMedium15 min
Pumpkin ravioli with cream of cressMedium40 min
Pumpkin soupEasy20 min
Pumpkin soupEasy10 min
Pumpkin soup with blue cheeseEasy20 min
Pumpkin, apple and coconut milk soupEasy5 min
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