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Salad with oranges

Salad with strawberries, kumquats and rose petals
Salade NicoiseEasy15 min
Salmon and Dill CrumbleMedium30 min
Salmon and lentil saladEasy10 min
Salmon and Macadamia SaladEasy10 min
Salmon and spinach lasagneEasy25 min
Salmon blinisEasy25 min
Salmon cevicheEasy10 min
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Salmon gravelaxMedium15 min
Salmon mousseMedium5 min
Salmon parcelsEasy10 min
Salmon puffEasy10 min
Salmon souffleEasy20 min
Salmon tartare with mangoEasy80 min
Salmon with sorrelMedium15 min
Salmon with VermouthEasy10 min
Salmon, avocado and cucumber sushiHard10 min
Salmon, avocado and grapefruit verrinesEasy20 min
Salmon, bean and lettuce rollsEasy10 min
Salmon, Brocolli and Ginger Madras Parcels recipeMedium15 min
Salt-grilled sea bream with balsamic caramelMedium15 min
Samantha Sunrise CocktailEasy5 min
SambousekEasy30 min
SangriaEasy15 min
Sardine and spinach gratinEasy10 min

Sardine tapas

Sauce for fruit salad

Sausage & lentils with Maille mustard sauce
Sausage and bean pieEasy30 min
Sausage casseroleEasy20 min
Sausage hot dogEasy15 min
Sausage, sage and onion pieEasy10 min
Sausages on sticksEasy15 min
Sausages with leek and mustardEasy5 min
Sautéed beef with peppersEasy20 min
Sautéed lamb with grapesEasy15 min
Sautéed lamb with saffronEasy30 min
Sautéed noodles with chicken and gingerEasy10 min
Sautéed seafoodEasy10 min
Savoury mini croissantsEasy20 min
Savoury cakeEasy30 min
Savoury cheese pancakesEasy15 min
Savoury Christmas Gateau with Rose Harrisa HalloumMedium35 min
Savoy biscuit with strawberry fillingEasy50 min
Scallop and cucumber canapésEasy15 min
Scallop and mango saladMedium25 min
Scallop carpaccioEasy25 min
Scallops in champagneMedium10 min
Scallops in mango sauceMedium20 min
Scallops with champagneEasy20 min
Scallops with whiskyMedium10 min
Scandinavian chicoryEasy10 min


Scotch shortbread

Scrambled egg and asparagus verrines
Scrambled eggsEasy5 min
Scrambled eggs with truffleEasy10 min
ScrewdriverEasy5 min
Scrumptious chickenEasy10 min
Sea bass and vegetable parcelsEasy10 min
Sea bass fillet marinated in herbsEasy10 min
Sea bream in coconut sauceMedium15 min
Sea bream tartare with lemon and gingerEasy15 min
Seafood and coconut kebabsMedium20 min
Seafood and herb lasagneEasy20 min
Seafood risottoEasy30 min
Seafood tagliatelleMedium30 min
Seafood tapasEasy min
Seared Scallops with spicy crab cakes and a hot & Medium20 min
Seared sesame tuna with lemon grass and lycheeEasy20 min
Serrano Ham and Manchego SaladEasy10 min
Sesame duck kebabsEasy15 min
Seychellois chicken curryEasy20 min
SfenjEasy25 min
Shallot and cinnamon tartEasy35 min
Shepherd's pieEasy20 min
Shepherd's pieEasy10 min
Shepherd's pieEasy20 min
Shimeji risotto, eggs and hazelnutsMedium10 min

Siamese prawns

Sichuan spicy hot pot stew

Simnel cake (Easter cake)
Skate wings in orange sauceEasy20 min
Skate with capersEasy10 min
Skeleton ribsEasy15 min
Slinky pink slingEasy5 min
Slithery mini sausage rollsEasy15 min
Smoked paprika & bell pepperEasy5 min
Smoked Salmon Potato SaladEasy20 min
Smoked salmon soufflés with dillEasy20 min
Smoked salmon with avocados and fine herbsMedium30 min
Soda breadEasy30 min
Soft chocolate caramelsEasy15 min
Soft fruit crumble with vanilla ice creamMedium30 min
Soft fruit smoothieEasy15 min
Soft-centred chocolate puddingsEasy20 min
Sole and citrus skewersMedium20 min
Sole and lemon balm skewersEasy30 min
Sole terrineEasy20 min
Spaghetti al arrabiata (spicy sauce)Easy10 min
Spaghetti All Puttanesca recipeEasy15 min
Spaghetti carbonara Easy10 min
Spaghetti fish supperEasy10 min
Spaghetti in tomato sauceEasy20 min
Spanish chocolate cakeEasy20 min
Spanish hot chocolateEasy5 min

Spanish omelette

Spanish omelette

Special risotto
Spiced coconut soupMedium15 min
Spiced crabMedium15 min
Spiced orange chickenEasy10 min
Spiced peach and nectarine compoteEasy10 min
Spiced pear tartEasy20 min
Spiced pumpkin and ginger soupEasy15 min
Spiced shrimpsHard30 min
Spiced tabboulehEasy15 min
Spicy Barbequed Mackerel recipeEasy10 min
Spicy beefMedium10 min
Spicy cheese & tomato pastaEasy10 min
Spicy chilliEasy10 min
Spicy chocolate mousseEasy15 min
Spicy hot beef with icebergEasy5 min
Spicy mango gratinMedium30 min
Spicy mediterranean salad with mintEasy30 min
Spicy mini pizzasEasy20 min
Spicy orange chocolate cranberry wrap cakeEasy15 min
Spicy pear skewersEasy20 min
Spicy pineapple skewersEasy30 min
Spicy potato saladMedium30 min
Spicy sauté beansEasy10 min
Spicy tuna with tagine-style onionsEasy30 min
Spicy vegetable curryMedium10 min

Spicy vegetable relish

Spider cakes

Spinach and goat's cheese lasagne
Spinach and strawberry saladEasy10 min
Spinach gratinEasy20 min
Sponge cakeEasy20 min
Sponge swiss rollMedium40 min
Spooky cheesy shredded wheat chicken fingersEasy15 min
Spring eggsMedium35 min
Springtime risottoEasy26 min
Squash and Garlic RisottoMedium20 min
Squashed fly biscuits Easy20 min
St Tropez cakeMedium130 min
Steak and Ale pieMedium15 min
Steak in pepper sauceEasy5 min
Steak pastiesEasy20 min
Steamed summer fruitsEasy20 min
Strawberries with goat's cheeseEasy10 min
Strawberry & mint jamEasy30 min
Strawberry and melon gratinEasy25 min
Strawberry jelly with sorbetEasy30 min
Strawberry medley in light creamMedium20 min
Strawberry smoothieMedium10 min
Strawberry sorbetEasy20 min
Strawberry sorbetEasy30 min
Strawberry tartEasy20 min
Strawberry trifleEasy20 min

Strawberry-stuffed tomatoes

Stuffed aubergine

Stuffed aubergines
Stuffed baby potatoesEasy10 min
Stuffed cabbageEasy20 min
Stuffed capon chicken with nuts and cardoonMedium45 min
Stuffed peppersEasy10 min
Stuffed sea bassMedium25 min
Stuffed turnip with dried fruitMedium25 min
Stuffed vegetablesMedium40 min
Suet puddingMedium30 min
Sugar Cookie DoughEasy20 min
Summer beans and mushroom Thai green curry Medium15 min
Summer Charlotte CocktailEasy5 min
Summer LinguineEasy10 min
Summer pea, broccoli and mint soupEasy10 min
Summer Tart Easy20 min
Summer wheat saladEasy20 min
Summery savoury tartsEasy15 min
Sun-dried tomatoesEasy20 min
Sunshine orangesEasy10 min
Sweet & sour porkEasy40 min
Sweet & sour roast porkEasy10 min
Sweet & spicy BBQ marinadeEasy10 min
Sweet and sour tomato soupEasy15 min
Sweet Plum DumplingsMedium30 min
Sweet potato soupEasy10 min

Swiss Engadine torte
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