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Apple & sultana salad

Artichoke & almond salad

Artichoke and foie gras salad
Recipe : Artichokes alla parmigianaEasy30 min
Recipe : Artichokes alla romanaEasy10 min
Recipe : Asian cucumber saladEasy10 min
Recipe : Aubergine and ginger caviarEasy10 min
Recipe : Aubergine and goat's cheese millefeuilleEasy35 min
Recipe : Aubergine and tomato gratinEasy30 min
Recipe : Aubergine caviarEasy20 min
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Recipe : Aubergine saladEasy10 min
Recipe : Avocado and lime terrineEasy20 min
Recipe : Avocado and tomato saladEasy5 min
Recipe : Avocado mousse with smoked troutEasy20 min
Recipe : Balaton saladEasy30 min
Recipe : Bean soupMedium20 min
Recipe : Beetroot and Dill ConsommeMedium15 min
Recipe : Beetroot saladEasy20 min
Recipe : Blackcoat saladEasy15 min
Recipe : Broccoli salad with borlotti beansEasy10 min
Recipe : Broccoli salad with cracked wheat and pistachioEasy10 min
Recipe : Brown rice, chicken and avocado saladEasy10 min
Recipe : Brussels Sprouts and Horseradish PatéEasy60 min
Recipe : Butternut and sweetcorn soupEasy10 min
Recipe : Caesar saladEasy15 min
Recipe : Californian saladEasy15 min
Recipe : Caprese (tomatoes & mozzarella)Easy5 min

Carrot & coriander soup

Carrot and celeriac salad

Carrot and chanterelle soup
Recipe : Carrot soupEasy10 min
Recipe : Celery Soup with walnuts and crème fraîcheEasy5 min
Recipe : Charentelles with an autumnal twistEasy10 min
Recipe : Chestnut & Mustard ParcelsMedium15 min
Recipe : Chicken and pineapple saladMedium40 min
Recipe : Chicory salad with dried apricot and goat's cheeseEasy10 min
Recipe : Chinese veggieEasy10 min
Recipe : Chorizo, sweet potato and mushroom saladEasy10 min
Recipe : Christmas tree pepper pizzaEasy10 min
Recipe : Cobb ScrambleEasy10 min
Recipe : Coconut, spinach and rice soupMedium15 min
Recipe : ColeslawEasy15 min
Recipe : Cooked and raw vegetable saladMedium30 min
Recipe : Courgette and aubergine blinis with garlicEasy30 min
Recipe : Courgette carpaccioEasy10 min
Recipe : Courgette gazpacho with peppersEasy25 min
Recipe : Cream cucumberEasy10 min
Recipe : Cream of cauliflower soupEasy10 min
Recipe : Cream of cep soup with savoryEasy10 min
Recipe : Cream of courgette soupEasy10 min
Recipe : Crunchy cauliflower saladEasy15 min
Recipe : Crunchy wheat and apple saladEasy20 min
Recipe : Cucumber and herb soupEasy35 min
Recipe : Cucumber and herb soupMedium15 min

Cucumber and peach salad

Cucumber salad

Cucumber salad with tarragon cream
Recipe : Curried cucumber and cheese carpaccioEasy10 min
Recipe : Delicious chicken soupEasy5 min
Recipe : English tomato consomméEasy10 min
Recipe : Essence of tomato soupEasy5 min
Recipe : Exotic fruit saladEasy80 min
Recipe : Exotic salad with bean sprouts and corianderEasy30 min
Recipe : Fennel and grapefruit soupEasy10 min
Recipe : Fennel salad with lentilsEasy20 min
Recipe : Fennel with grapefruitEasy20 min
Recipe : French onion soupEasy10 min
Recipe : Fresh mushroom and courgette saladEasy15 min
Recipe : GazpachoEasy20 min
Recipe : Gazpacho with cheese and herb toastEasy30 min
Recipe : Grapefruit saladEasy15 min
Recipe : Green hummusEasy5 min
Recipe : Ham and fig saladEasy30 min
Recipe : Iced avocado soup with salmonMedium20 min
Recipe : Indian sweetcorn and peanut soupEasy15 min
Recipe : Italian tomato and pasta soupEasy15 min
Recipe : Kiwi and crab saladEasy10 min
Recipe : Leeks stuffed with ceps and walnutsMedium35 min
Recipe : Light Waldorf saladEasy15 min
Recipe : Melon and mozzarella salad with basilEasy10 min
Recipe : Minestrone soupMedium40 min

Minestrone soup

Mini asparagus charlottes

Mini herb omelettes
Recipe : Mixed salad with bolete mushroomsEasy10 min
Recipe : Monkfish and asparagus saladEasy30 min
Recipe : Monkfish and orange saladMedium30 min
Recipe : Mushroom-filled cucumber with Hollandaise sauceMedium10 min
Recipe : Noodle saladMedium20 min
Recipe : Oat soupEasy5 min
Recipe : Oriental carrot and chickpea soupEasy10 min
Recipe : Parmesan battered broccoli with salsa rossaEasy20 min
Recipe : Pasta and courgette saladEasy15 min
Recipe : Pea & Watercress Soup Easy5 min
Recipe : Pea and mint soupEasy25 min
Recipe : Peach and feta saladEasy15 min
Recipe : Peas on the sideEasy10 min
Recipe : Pumpkin and chestnut soupEasy15 min
Recipe : Pumpkin and sweet potato soupMedium15 min
Recipe : Pumpkin loafMedium20 min
Recipe : Pumpkin soupEasy20 min
Recipe : Pumpkin soupEasy10 min
Recipe : Pumpkin soup with blue cheeseEasy20 min
Recipe : Pumpkin, apple and coconut milk soupEasy5 min
Recipe : Quick Chinese soupEasy20 min
Recipe : Quick mushroomsEasy5 min
Recipe : Quinoa saladEasy30 min
Recipe : Quinoa tabbouleh saladEasy20 min

Raita (yoghurt and cucumber)

Red pepper salad

Roast beetroot, clementine and goats cheese salad
Recipe : Roast sweet potato soup with paprika and baconEasy10 min
Recipe : Roasted apricots with basil and parmesanEasy20 min
Recipe : Roasted fennelEasy5 min
Recipe : Roasted peppers in oilEasy20 min
Recipe : Roasted vegetable and fish saladEasy20 min
Recipe : Salad with orangesEasy10 min
Recipe : Salad with strawberries, kumquats and rose petalsEasy10 min
Recipe : Salmon and lentil saladEasy10 min
Recipe : Salmon mousseMedium5 min
Recipe : Salmon, bean and lettuce rollsEasy10 min
Recipe : Scandinavian chicoryEasy10 min
Recipe : Scrambled egg and asparagus verrinesMedium20 min
Recipe : Serrano Ham and Manchego SaladEasy10 min
Recipe : Spiced coconut soupMedium15 min
Recipe : Spiced pumpkin and ginger soupEasy15 min
Recipe : Spicy hot beef with icebergEasy5 min
Recipe : Spicy mediterranean salad with mintEasy30 min
Recipe : Spicy potato saladMedium30 min
Recipe : Spinach and strawberry saladEasy10 min
Recipe : Stuffed baby potatoesEasy10 min
Recipe : Stuffed peppersEasy10 min
Recipe : Summer pea, broccoli and mint soupEasy10 min
Recipe : Summer wheat saladEasy20 min
Recipe : Summery savoury tartsEasy15 min

Sun-dried tomatoes

Sweet and sour tomato soup

Sweet potato soup
Recipe : TabboulehMedium30 min
Recipe : TaboulehEasy20 min
Recipe : Tangy VinaigretteEasy5 min
Recipe : Tomates confites (oven-dried tomatoes)Easy20 min
Recipe : Tomato and kiwi saladEasy5 min
Recipe : Tomato and mushroom toastsEasy5 min
Recipe : Tomato and orange soupEasy10 min
Recipe : Tomato gazpachoMedium15 min
Recipe : Tomato sorbetEasy10 min
Recipe : Tomato soupEasy15 min
Recipe : Tsatsiki recipeMedium60 min
Recipe : Tuna and spinach parcels Easy20 min
Recipe : Two mushroom soupMedium35 min
Recipe : Vegetable and prune soupEasy15 min
Recipe : Vegetable and raisin medleyEasy15 min
Recipe : Vegetable samosasEasy30 min
Recipe : Vegetable soupEasy25 min
Recipe : VinaigretteEasy10 min
Recipe : Warm black pudding, wicklow cheese and egg saladEasy10 min
Recipe : Yellow pepper gazpachoEasy30 min
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