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Psychic readings: having a reading with a psychic

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Are you thinking of having a psychic reading but don't know what to expect? Read our guide to psychic readings to find out more... What aids are used during psychic readings? Cards...



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What do the terms clairvoyant and astrologist mean? Who are these different mediums and what are their specialisms? Here’s a quick look at professionals who claim that they can...



Home / Horoscopes / Fortune telling / Clairvoyance

Pure or divination-based clairvoyance has its supporters and professionals but also its con artists. Step into the world of mediums... What is a clairvoyant?A clairvoyant has...


The Belline oracle

Home / Horoscopes / Fortune telling / The Belline oracle

Ever since the beginning of the 19th century, divination games such as oracles have been popular. The Belline oracle was created in 1845. It's an extraordinary game that gives...


Palm reading

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Palmistry is the art of telling the future through the lines on people's hands. It’s an act of divination that began many centuries ago. Here's our guide to it. The lines of the...


Tarot: origin and interpretation

Home / Horoscopes / Fortune telling / Tarot: origin and interpretation

Where does tarot come from and how does it work? Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions concerning tarot. Where does it come from?The answer is far...