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This Woman Makes Vulva-shaped Jewellery Holders And They're The Perfect Feminist Statement
2017 will forever be remembered as the year the humble vagina was catapulted into Internet fame by way of 3D labia nails, vulva pendants and vagina fashion etc. etc. Now the female genitalia has lent its aesthetic to ceramic jewellery holders and they're the ultimate feminist statement...
People Are Getting Their Tongue Tips Pierced To Mimic Snake Eyes
It doesn't take much to shock us in a world of penis eyeliner, pus-filled spot piercings, glitter boobs etc. etc. but this latest body-modification trend may just be one step too far. People - with...
H&M Have Been Chastised Once Again For Their Tiny Sizes
Shopping for clothes is one of life's simple pleasures. Finding an outfit that you love and that loves you back, fitting perfectly and being cheap enough not to bankrupt you is a feeling that is unparalleled...
You Can Now Buy Pus-filled Spot Earrings To Gross Out Your Friends
Halloween may be 67.5 days away, not that we're counting, but this year will be the year you finally keep the promise to yourself to not leave your fancy-dress costume until the last minute. Enter: pus-filled earrings i...
Crotch Charms Are Here To Bling Up Your Bikini Bottoms
Apparently simply wearing pants on the beach is not enough anymore. Forget bright colours, screw frills - what you really need is a dingly dangly jewel hanging out of your crotch. Or, at least, that's what Japanese company BoDivas thinks...
The YSL Skate Stiletto Is Fashion At Its Most Dangerous
You know that conundrum when you've got a date at 7pm and a roller disco at 9pm, and you're not quite sure on what to wear to minimise the need for an outfit change? Well, Yves Saint Laurent's got you, girl...
Fidget Spinners Are Being Fashioned Into Nipple Tassels 'Cos 2017
2017 will forever be remembered as the year of the fidget spinner. While the playground must-have was originally designed for children, it seems adults can't help but get involved and ruin them for children everywhere...
This Woman Fainted After Breaking A £34,000 Jade Bracelet
We've all had a bit of a boo boo in the shops before: accidentally dropping a bottle of Pimms in aisle three, getting a pricey ring stuck on your finger, ripping a skirt at the seams that you're trying to squeeze yourself into...
32 Ways To Style A Denim Skirt, As Told By Pinterest
High waist, mid-length, and button down - just a few iterations of the denim skirt that's been a wardrobe must have for longer than we've been alive. But despite its longevity as a key fashion statement, the denim skirt is one tricky mother to style out...
You Can Now Buy This Prada Paperclip For The Bargain Price of £140
Do you ever find yourself walking down the street on a blustery day and - uh oh! - that huge wad of fiddys sitting in your pocket has blown straight out of your pocket and all over the pavement? Not today, world...
Wearable Feminism Is The Fashion Statement We Can All Get On Board With
Listen ladies: if we're going to fight for our rights, all those anti-feminists are going to need something cute to look at. Seeing as we're all part of this girl gang called feminism, we need a rad uniform to go with it...
When You Realise Why Ray-Ban Is Called Ray-Ban, You'll Kick Yourself
While sunglasses trends come and go, your trustee pair of Ray-Bans - whether you're a wayfarer-wearer or aviator addict - withstand the test of time, year after year. There's no denying the popularity of the American-founded brand but it's only now that people have realised...
High Street Fashion Brand Monki Is Launching Menstrual Cups 'Cos 'Periods Are Bloody Cool'
It's no secret periods are a monthly pain in the abdomen many women dread and not only do we have to live with painful cramps and generally feeling meh for a few days every month but mother nature's monthly gift is - shockingly - still considered very much a taboo topic...
This Polly Pocket Bag Will Make All Your Childhood Fashion Dreams Come True
As a 90s kid, there was nothing more exciting than opening those teeny-tiny compact houses, each one complete with a different theme. And if you were a really lucky, you would have the big Polly Pocket mansion...
The Ultimate Father's Day Gift Guide: What To Buy Every Type Of Dad
As much as we love them, dads are notoriously difficult to buy for, especially on the annual special occasion dedicated to his commitment as a father. This year, we know we can do so much better than a DIY card and a packet of Imperial Mints...
Target Is Selling Sunhats That Look Suspiciously Like Nipples
Despite what the Great British weather forecast suggests, Summer officially starts on June 20 which gives you just over a month to sort your Instagram-worthy, season-appropriate wardrobe. While our styles will differ...
This Blue Ikea Bag Jockstrap Will Haunt Your Dreams
Most of us have items from Ikea spread throughout our homes, so why not have it under our clothes too? This Ikea bag jockstrap is the latest thing making the rounds on Instagram and, while we feel like it has the potential to ruin our genitals beyond repair, we're still keen to try one...
Ikea Have Responded To Balenciaga's Copycat Blue Tote Bag & It's Savage
If you reckon Balenciaga's bright blue leather tote looks familiar, then you're right as it looks very similar to a certain Swedish retailer famous for its moreish meatballs: Ikea. Ah I despair. But Ikea have seen the funny side and clapped back in the best way...
Jewellery For Your Teeth Is Coming Back In A Big Way
Remember way back in the 90s, when we were listening to the Spice Girls on repeat and sporting pencil-thin eyebrows? Ahh, those were the days. If, like me, you are missing pretty much everything about the 1990s...
This Wine Handbag Could Be The Most Fashionable Way To Drink Vino Yet
Wine fans: I know you'll agree with me when I say we never need an excuse to pour a glass, but don't cha just hate it when there isn't a bottle to hand in your time of need? Well maybe not anymore...
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