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Hollywood Smiles: Perfect Celebrity Teeth

Home / Entertainment / News celebrities / Hollywood smiles: Perfect celebrity teeth

While some stars don't like to smile for the cameras, others take pride in showing off their perfect pearly whites.There's barely a mouth in celeb-world that doesn't house immacul...


The funniest celebrity photobombs!

Home / Entertainment / News celebrities / The funniest celebrity photobombs!

Celebs are pretty used to being snapped by photograher and are usually very professional - even when some goof sticks their face in the background of their snap.With flash bulbs...


Victoria Beckham - Fan club album

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Hayden Christensen - Fan club album

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Tom Cruise - Fan club album

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Marg Helgenberger - Fan club album

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Patrick Dempsey - Fan club album

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Celebrities We Would Love To Take Us Out On Valentine’s Day

Home / Entertainment / News celebrities / Valentine's Day With Our Favourite Celebrities

Happy Valentine's Day! How will you be spending the day? Chilling with your fella? Going to the cinema? Being wined and dined at a fabulous restaurant? Tucking into your Ben and...


50 Christmas Movies That Will Make You Feel Like A Kid Again

Home / Entertainment / News celebrities / 50 Christmas Movies That Will Make You Feel Like A Kid Again

We're getting to that time of year! The only time where you are allowed to go home, hang up stockings, get excited about how much chocolate and sweets are about to be in your...


Celebrity Silver Foxes: Hot Men With Grey Hair

Home / Entertainment / News celebrities / Celebrities with grey hair: George Clooney

From full heads of perfect grey hair to a spattering of silver, there's something rather sexy about a mature man.Check out our pick of the hottest grey-haired men who have embraced...


Celebrity Cougars: Older Women Who Love To Date Younger Men

Home / Entertainment / News celebrities / Celebrity cougars: Older women who love to date younger men

There’s a famous saying: “You’re only as old as the man you’re feeling”.And if these A-list ladies are anything to go by, they’re at least a decade younger than the age they proclaim...


Famous people with dyslexia

Home / Entertainment / News celebrities / Famous people with dyslexia

It's estimated that as many as 15 to 20 per cent of people are affected with a language-based learning difficulty - the most common of these being dyslexia.People who suffer from...


St. George's Day 2017: Celebrating the English gentleman

Home / Entertainment / News celebrities / St. George's Day 2013: Celebrating the English gentleman

Happy St. George's Day!Unlike Ireland's St. Patrick's Day, 23rd April - 24 hours dedicated to the patron saint of England - never gets much attention, so we thought it was about...


Celebrity ages: Shocking photos of stars born in the same year

Home / Entertainment / News celebrities / Celebrity ages: Shocking photos of stars born in the same year

It's hard to keep track of how old celebs are - but after much investigation it's clear some have been growing old a lot more gracefully than others.Stars like Selena Gomez will...


Liv Tyler - Fan club album

Home / Entertainment / Liv Tyler - Photo posted by tessa242


Celebrity Baby Names: What The Stars Called Their Kids

Home / Entertainment / News celebrities / Celebrity baby names: What the stars called their kids

When it comes to naming their children, it seems that celebrities have a fear of the ordinary.Rarely is a star baby born and handed the name Jack or Jenny - instead their parents...


On-Screen To Off-Screen: Celebrity Couples Who Found Love On Set

Home / Entertainment / News celebrities / Celebrity couples who found love on set

When we watch beautiful A-list actors fall in love in a movie we want to believe it.The best on-screen romances seem to have an effortless, natural chemistry going on.Of course...


Kim Kardashian's Greatest Quotes

Home / Entertainment / News celebrities / Kim Kardashian's Greatest Quotes

Kim Kardashian. What do we know about her? She's impossibly wealthy, married to self-named genius Kanye West, has a tiny baby named Chicago, a little boy named Saint and a gorgeous...


Celebrity Bums: The Best Celeb Behinds

Home / Entertainment / News celebrities / Celebrity bums: The best celeb behinds

Big ones, small ones, pert ones, we all know which celebrities have the best behinds. But can you tell which celebrity these A-list backsides belong to? We know it's a bit pervy...


Celebrity engagement rings: The stars and their diamonds

Home / Entertainment / News celebrities / Celebrity engagement rings

In the words of global superstar Beyoncé: "If you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it".These beautiful and talented female superstars are certainly a catch, which is why...