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SoFeminine Top Picks: 15 Books To Devour This Christmas Holiday

Home / Entertainment / News celebrities / SoFeminine Top Picks: 15 Books To Devour This Christmas Holiday

When we get to Christmas AKA the only time of year we actually have a little bit of time (that's if you've bought all of your Christmas presents and it's not your turn to cook...


Sarah Jessica Parker - Fan club album

Home / Entertainment / Sarah Jessica Parker - Photo posted by butterblume310


Jewish Celebrities

Home / Entertainment / News celebrities / Jewish Celebrities

Check out our album of stars who are Jewish - bet you didn't know them all!©Getty Getty


Beauty & Brains: Female celebrities with degrees

Home / Entertainment / News celebrities / Beauty & Brains: Female celebrities with degrees

It’s fair to say the intellectual bar in Hollywood is not set very high so it’s always intriguing when you find out your favourite celebrity has gone to college or better yet...


Celebrity Bikini Bodies

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Emily Ratajkowski - Instagram 


Kim Kardashian's Top 50 Greatest Quotes

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Love her or hate her, there's no denying that Kim Kardashian is nothing if not highly entertaining. Over the years, we've witnessed Kim and her siblings get into all kinds of trouble...


Celebrity mums before and after pregnancy

Home / Entertainment / News celebrities / Chrissy Teigen during pregnancy

Celebrity post-baby bodies are more often that not, a thing to behold. Sure celebrities have help from personal trainers and nutritionists when it comes to getting in shape after...


Celebrities lock lips

Home / Entertainment / News celebrities / Celebrities lock lips

Whether it's a chaste peck in the style of Kate Middleton and Prince William’s memorable wedding day kiss, or a full-on butterflies-in-the-stomach snog like Kristen Stewart and...


Grow taller! Celebrity height difference couples

Home / Entertainment / News celebrities / Grow taller! Celebrity height difference couples

Talk to most women and they'll say their dream man is tall - or at least taller than them.Thing is, some of these star couples have taken that to the absolute extreme.We wonder...


The hottest actors of all time

Home / Entertainment / News celebrities / The hottest actors of all time

They came, they saw, they looked good.So without any further ado, check out our cream of the charismatic crop, and try to make the agonising decision – which is your favourite...


Celebrity Body Piercings: A-listers & Their Metal

Home / Entertainment / News celebrities / Celebrity body piercings

Celebrities love to stand out from the crowd - and what better way to do that than with a body piercing or two?Some stars choose to get studded in unusual places, while others...


Sarah Michelle Gellar - Fan club album

Home / Entertainment / Sarah Michelle Gellar - Photo posted by lolotte45138


Princess Diana- style icon

Home / Entertainment / Princess Diana - Photo posted by burbuja8910

Two decades on from her tragic death and Princess Diana's style still has us captivated. Her humanity and kind nature is a major part of her long-lasting appeal, but it was her...


Ups! Die schlimmsten Bad Hair Days der Stars

Home / Entertainment / News celebrities / Celebrity bad hair days: Zayn Malik

Everyone at one time or another has an embarrassing hairstyle they'd rather forget.While ordinary people can untag photos on Facebook or delete the evidence from cameras, poor...


Our favourite Jennifer Lawrence moments

Home / Entertainment / News celebrities / Our favourite Jennifer Lawrence moments

It's easy to forget that Jennifer Lawrence wasn't a household name just a couple of years ago. After achieving critical acclaim in the 2010 drama Winter's Bone, JLaw landed the...


Prince George: His Life In Pictures

Home / Entertainment / News celebrities / Prince George: his life in cute pics

From his first ever photos outside the hospital, to his first day at school, we can't help but adore watching this little prince grow.Take a look back at some of Prince George's most...


Kate Middleton pregnant: Pictures to celebrate news of a royal baby

Home / Entertainment / News celebrities / Kate Middleton

With the news that Kate Middleton and Prince William are expecting their first child, we look back at our favourite pictures of the newly-pregnant Duchess...Here Prince Philip...


Celebrity weight gain: Stars who piled on the pounds

Home / Entertainment / News celebrities / Celebrity weight gain: James Arthur

Being in the public eye means that celebrities' bodies are constantly scrutinised.The pressure for famous folk to stay thin and trim is relentless, leading many stars to battle...


Kristen Stewart: From Twilight saga to cheating scandal

Home / Entertainment / News celebrities / Kristen Stewart: From Twilight saga to cheating scandal

It’s hard to imagine a world without K-Stew and Twilight.Kristen was part of one of the biggest film franchises in history, was the highest paid actress in 2010, and is one half...


Women winning in the Olympics

Home / Entertainment / News celebrities / Olympic Medal Winner - Jessica Ennis

The number of women athletes at the Olympic Games is approaching 50 per cent- woo hoo!We take a look back at the best women at the Rio 2016 Olympics, the Paralympics and our own...