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17 Things Every Self-Respecting Cat Lady Needs
The cat lady life isn't just for little old ladies anymore. Much like knitting and the art of a blue rinse, being a cat lady is just so bang on trend right now. How many Instagram accounts have you seen dedicated to the millennial felines...
WATCH: The Full Trailer For Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season Two Is Here
Season one of this weird and wonderful show saw Kimmy escape her life in an underground cult and rejoin the world with the help of her melodramatic roommate Titus, their scatty landlord Lillian and her rich boss, Jacqueline...
The #VisibleMe Instagram Account Allows Young LGBTQ People Share Their Stories
An Instagram account set up by LGBTQ pioneer and YouTube marketing whizz Raymond Braun is allowing people to come forward and share their experiences growing up as part of the LGBTQ youth, and damn, these kids are hella wise...
'Damn Daniel' Has Donated His Lifetime Supply Of White Vans
Damn Daniel, back at it again with the white Vans - literally! The worlds' favourite Daniel recently donated a whole bunch of brand new trainers given to him by The Ellen DeGeneres Show to a California children's hospital, making us love him even more...
Redheads Aren't Dying Out...And They Also Might Be Genetically Superior
Laugh it up, playground bullies who couldn't leave us poor gingers alone, because the redheads have risen up and guess what? We're genetically superior than ALL of you! In all seriousness, it turns out that not only are redheads...
The One Tree Hill Cast Had A Reunion And We Miss Them All So Much
Ah One Tree Hill. The drama that show the world what being a teenager was really like: full of murderous parents, psycho fake brothers and approximately one car crash every six months. As melodramatic as the show was...
You Have To See This Little Kid Dive-Bomb His Aunt's Wedding Dress
Once, when I was five, I refused to come out of the play area at my cousin's birthday party. Realising too late that everyone else had left to eat cake, I began screaming hysterically, cutting off the...
WATCH: New Captain America: Civil War Trailer Shows First Glimpse Of Spiderman
As much as we've been loving the trailers for Captain America: Civil War, Spiderman is the character we've most looked forward to seeing but has been kept tightly under wraps, until now. With the arrival of a brand new trailer, we see our first glimpse of Tom Holland as Spiderman...
The ULTIMATE Game Of Thrones Recap Before Season Six Drops
A year is a long time, and as much as you might love Game of Thrones like your own child (that you will never have because you're too busy watching Game of Thrones to leave the house and meet someone), chances are that you may have forgotten some of the events of season five...
Orange Is The New Black Death: How Would You Make Your Favourite TV Show Historical?
Forget Downton Abbey or The Tudors, there is a whole new way to watch historical TV shows! By just adding or changing a word to your already favourite show, you can totally recreate it to suit yesteryear...
100 Episodes Of New Girl: Why It's Still Our Favourite Comedy
New Girl has just celebrated it's 100th episode, and we can't remember a time that we weren't giggling at the antics of Jess, Schmidt, Nick, Winnie the Bish and the rest of them. To celebrate our favourite comedy hitting the big numbers, here's why we're still ALL about New Girl...
The Wachowski Brothers Are Now The Wachowski Sisters As Both Come Out As Transgendered
The Wachowski siblings are most famous for directing The Matrix movies and were known as the Wachowski brothers before Larry had a sex change four years ago and became known as Lana. Now Lana's brother has also revealed she is also transgendered, changing her name to Lilly Wachowski...
50 Cent Insists He Flaunted "Fake Cash" After Bankruptcy Judge Called Out His Instagram
Rapper 50 Cent has been summoned back to court after filing for bankruptcy last year on account of the fact that his Instagram page is choc-full of snaps with him and a whole bunch of cash. But it might just be Fiddy's excuse that is the highlight of this whole financial debacle...
Did The Game Of Thrones Season Six Trailer Confirm R+L=J?
Before you read any further, this article contains theoretical and actual spoilers, you have been warned! The trailer for Game of Thrones season six is finally here, but did it accidentally give away more information than it should have...
Kim Kardashian Wrote An Open Letter About Body-Shaming And You Need To Read It
We'll admit it: earlier this week when Kim Kardashian got into a Twitter spat of sorts with Chloe Moretz and Bette Midler after they both commented on Kim's nearly naked snap, we had a good chuckle at Bette's comments and were pretty surprised by Kim's strong response...
18 Questions We Have After Watching The Game of Thrones Season Six Trailer
You may as well call us Jon Snow because after watching the Game of Thrones season six trailer we are literally dead right now. With sweet, sweet new footage comes so many burning questions, and we swear on the Old Gods and the New this season had better answer them...
JK Rowling Has Written Four Stories About Magic In North America And People Are Excited
Although the Harry Potter series is as decidedly British as Stephen Fry eating a crumpet while watching cricket, it was only a matter of time before JK Rowling began to reveal tidbits about magic from other cultures...
QUIZ: Are You Team Superman Or Team Batman?
One of the year's most hotly anticipated movies is nearly here, and you (yes, you!) have to pick a side. Our two favourite superheroes are going up against each other, and from the trailer (and the second trailer, and the third and all the TV spots...
People Fell In Love With A Contestant On University Challenge Last Night
We don't want to be rude, but as incredibly intelligent as the contestants on University Challenge are, you don't watch to spot your future husband. This isn't The Bachelorette people, and these people are not here to make you swoon, they're here to WIN...
Kim Kardashian Just Went Full Kanye On Twitter
It finally happened guys. While Kim Kardashian's Twitter is usually a constant stream of selfie pictures accompanied by the occasional 'kimoji', it looks like Kim's hubby Kanye's wild Twitter rampages...
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