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10 Games You Absolutely Should Not Play At Christmas
Christmas is a time for love, peace and family. That is why these games should absolutely not be allowed into the fold! As much as people love competition, some games bring out the worst in people and tear away every good about the season of cheer...
17 Christmas Gifts Perfect For Your Unhealthy Obsession With Unicorns
Unicorns aren't just horses with a random horn sticking out of their forehead, they are a precious and magical way of life! So if you are one of those people in a unicorn cult (oh yeah, it's a thing)...
Serial Series 2 Is Here And The First Episode Is Already Pretty Darn Intriguing
For everyone who has theorised obsessively over the innocence of Adnan Syed for the best part of two years, your about to lose your minds as Sarah Koenig is back with a brand new mysterious case for Serial season two, and it is pretty darn good...
'All I Want For Christmas Is You' Sang In Minor Key Will Haunt Your Dreams
We all know that Mariah Carey's seminal All I Want For Christmas Is You single is one of the funnest things to sing over the most festive time of year. It instantly lifts the spirit and makes you happy, especially since it's the sort of song everyone knows...
The Live-Action Little Mermaid Is Going To Be Blonde And People Are Just Not Having It
For any redhead out there who especially loved The Little Mermaid because Ariel had beautiful red hair and you could finally pretend to be a Disney Princess, LOOK AWAY NOW. Apparently Ariel is going to be blonde...
The Full Trailer For The Legend Of Tarzan Is Here And It Looks Epic
Yesterday we discovered the first images of The Legend of Tarzan showing Alexander Skargard looking quite simply breathtaking (he has an eight pack you guys. An eight pack). Today we have an even bigger...
Santa Helps Army Dad Surprise His Daughters And It Is Simply Adorable
We always get a little choked up when we see soldier parents having heartwarming reunions with their children, and this one seriously left a Christmas-themed tear in our eye. A little girl asked a shopping centre Santa for her dad to come back for Christmas and Santa just went and made it happen...
Everything You Need To Know About Star Wars Before You're Dragged To The New Movie
Even if you hate sci-fi and everything Star Wars stands for, chances are you're going to be dragged to the cinema to watch and enjoy every second of the new film The Force Awakens by your family, your friends, your dog etc...
These Pictures Of Alexander Skarsgard In The Legend Of Tarzan Will Give You Life
For anyone who never watched the vampire TV show True Blood, you may not yet have been swayed by the mystical power that is Alexander Skarsgard. As well as being a soft-spoken Swedish sex bomb, he is also hilarious AND now starring in the live-action remake of Tarzan - The Legend of Tarzan...
Cat Is Sent Advent Calendar But Can't Collect It From The Post Office Because He Is A Cat
We always thought being a cat would be a charmed life. You can sleep whenever you like, get snuggles whenever you demand, go climb up trees and wriggle about in the sun and just be all furry and happy (not that we've...
Dirty Dancing Is Being Remade With Abigail Breslin Because Nothing Is Sacred Anymore
What IS it with people taking classic movies and deciding to do a rubbishy reboot that no one will remember, want or especially like? They did it with Footloose and Fantastic Four and now they're doing it with Dirty Dancing...
It Looks Like There's Going To Be A Hunger Games Prequel
After the incredible success of the Hunger Games franchise, apparently Lionsgate's Vice Chairman Michael Burns is keen to make more movies in the bleak fictional world of Panem, and has suggested bringing back the Hunger Games arenas with a prequel series...
22 Christmas Gifts For The Sophisticated Gent In Your Life
Gift giving for men can be a tricky business. DVDs and music are all downloadable nowadays. They already have all the PS4 games and headsets they could wish for, and they definitely will not appreciate that gag golfing gift you've had your eye on...
It's 2015! Time To Decorate Your Christmas Tree With Emojis
How does Christmas make you feel? Happy? Loved? Rather than speak these words, why not hang your reaction straight onto your Christmas tree? That's right, the millennials are infiltrating Christmas cheer by introducing emoji baubles, and we are so *tears of joy emoji* about them...
Two Seriously Creepy Posters And A Teaser Have Arrived For Sherlock's Christmas Special
We have waited far too long for Sherlock season four, and it looks like we'll have to wait even longer since it won't be arriving till 2017 (2017!), so in the meantime all we have is that Victorian themed Christmas special so damn it, we're going to make the most of it...
58 Thoughts We All Have At The Office Christmas Party
Office Christmas parties are pretty weird. You don't get to choose who you work with, but you still spend day in day out with them for better or for worse. So naturally, adding A LOT of alcohol can be a dangerous thing...
Brand New Game Of Thrones Season Six Footage Has Been Released
Now that we have had that mysterious 40-second teaser trailer of season six that shows Bran having visions, we have been clamouring for more Game of Thrones gossip and HBO has clearly been listening to our angry fandom cries...
12 Nerdy Christmas Gifts For Your Nerdy Group Of Nerdy Friends
It's sometimes difficult to get good Christmas presents for your fanatical friends. You don't want to risk messing with their fandom or insulting their intelligence, but then again you know they wouldn't appreciate a gift set from Boots, so where does that leave you...
Harry Styles Just Got A Tattoo Live On TV And James Corden Lost It
For anyone who has been living under a rock, James Corden was recently given his own chat show in the USA, The Late Late Show, and he's pretty good in bringing in the viewers! Whether it's him cruising around with Justin Bieber or acting out Tom Hanks' filmography...
Daniel Radcliffe's First Audition As Harry Potter Has Emerged And It Is Ridiculously Cute
Before Daniel Radcliffe was a Hollywood film star and Eminem karaoke aficionado, he was just a tiny little fella who probably didn't fully comprehend that he would become the figurehead of one of the most popular movie franchises of all time...
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