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20 Ways Prince George Reacted To The Royal Baby News
We couldn’t be happier to hear that everyone’s favourite Princess Kate Middleton is once again expecting another tiny Royal baby. However, we know there was one person who probably wasn’t best pleased to hear the news...
This Mum Turns Her Daughter's Scribbles Into Incredible Art
Ruth Oosterman is an artist who decided that her two-year-old daughter's drawings deserved to be made as beautiful as possible. In a stroke of genius Ruth painted over the drawings, using the lines as inspiration to make so much more from the pictures...
Spider Dog Is The Most Terrifying Prank Of All Time
If a giant mutant spider bounded towards you in the dead of night, what would you do? Would you scream? Cry? Run away screaming and crying? Or would you look closely enough to see that, rather than a terrifying tarantula...
Kate Middleton Is Pregnant With Her Second Child, Clarence House Confirms
It's official people! Our adorable chubby Prince George is about to get a little brother or sister, as Clarence House confirmed this morning that Kate Middleton is expecting her second Royal baby with Prince William...
Joan Rivers Dies Aged 81: Her 20 Most Hilarious Quotes
Joan Rivers died at the age of 81 yesterday, a week after suffering cardiac arrest during a throat surgery. She will always be remembered for deliberately taboo comedic style, her perfect one-liners, and her unfailing ability to poke fun at herself above everyone else...
34 Disney And Nickelodeon Kids You Never Really Believed Would Grow Up
We have majorly fond memories of our fave Nickelodeon and Disney characters. And whilst they will always be that way in our memories (and hearts), everyone must grow up eventually, even though it's HEARTBREAKING and makes us feel old AF...
20 Times Mum Logic Didn't Make ANY Sense
Will we ever understand the forces that drive our mums to do bizarre, unfair and maddening things!? Probably not. Mums everywhere have been frustrating their kids to no end with questionable mum logic...
20 Facts About Starting University That Everyone FAILS To Mention
Before University, we had an idea of what it would be like. Huge fancy dress parties that looked like they were made for Instagram, decorating our bedrooms with fairy lights and posters as we made new lifelong friends and created incredible memories...
This Woman Challenges EVERYTHING You Thought You Knew About Old Age
Phyllis Sues is not your average 90-year-old woman. When we think of reaching that age ourselves, our mind wanders to knitting the grandchildren jumpers, flying upstairs in a chair lift and playing bingo for as long as our hearts desire...
Girls Make Picking Up Girls Look SO Much Easier. Sorry Guys!
As a social experiment for the YouTube channel ‘whatever’, this girl wanders around trying to ask girls on a date, and the outcome might surprise you. Although a couple were in relationships or friendlily declared themselves as straight...
12 Tinder Conversations We Can't Quite Believe Exist
Why is it that we always get matched with people posing with passed-out tigers or dressed in morph suits whilst holding two bottles of vodka when there is SO much Tinder hilarity to be had?! These 12 conversations prove there's more to Tinder than your potential Mr Right...
This Elaborate Music Video Is The Coolest Thing We’ve Seen Today (And It's NOT An Ice Bucket!)
This music video for Chicago-based band OK Go’s single This Too Shall Pass starts with an artist simply pushing over a domino in what looks like an abandoned warehouse. What follows next is absolutely amazing...
Mr & Mrs Jolie-Pitt: How Brangelina Are Officially The Ultimate Celeb Power Couple
Brangelina were FINALLY wed in a secret ceremony this weekend, and we couldn’t be happier for them, albeit slightly disappointed that we never got an invite. On second thoughts, we’re not sure we could have taken Angelina’s bridal radiance...
12 Times Lady Mary Outsassed Everyone In Downton Abbey
On the outside, Lady Mary is an ice Queen (remember when she was relieved that she didn’t have to wear black to mourn her first fiancé who died on the Titanic?). But over time it became clear that her frosty exterior is all a show...
WATCH: The ‘Friends’ Reunion We Were All Waiting For Has FINALLY Happened
Next month is the 20th anniversary of the premiere of Friends, and just when we’d accepted the sad truth there there would never be a Friends reunion, it FINALLY happened! Well, sort of.
These Disney Princesses Have Been Given A Very Different Kind Of Makeover...
Stunning ball gowns, silk two pieces and flashy mermaid tails are all very well and good for the Princesses in our favourite Disney classics, but times are a-changing and fortunately artist Emmanuel Viola realised it was time to give the girls a change...
10 Reasons We’re Strangely Attracted To Bryan Cranston
Bryan Cranston found a place in our hearts through his role of chemistry teacher turned drug lord Walter White, and now he just won't let go. There's just something about him we can't quite put our finger on...
How The True Blood Finale Went Horribly Wrong
‘Ugh’ – the sound every single Trubie, occasional watcher and ‘I-just-ended-up-flicking-onto-this-by-accident’ viewer made at the end of the last ever True Blood episode, titled ‘Thank You.’ You know what, HBO? You’re not welcome...
15 Times Aaron Paul Was Legitimately Insane And We Loved It
As Aaron Paul won yet ANOTHER Emmy Award for Breaking Bad last night, we would like to take this chance to not only celebrate his third big win, but also the fact he is a talented, loveable yet viably insane person...
Is Kit Harington’s Tiny Man Bun The Real Winner of The Emmy Awards 2014?
The cream of the television acting crop were out in force last night to receive recognition for being some of the hottest and most talented people in the world. Then we saw Kit Harington’s tiny man bun and everything changed...
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