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The Ultimate Guide To Treating Your Dad This Father's Day
Father's day. A day for all the papas of the world to put their feet up, eat cheese and watch the football in peace. And they deserve it - who else would put up with all our crap and still sneak us sweets when your mum's not looking? But as we all know, dads are notoriously hard to buy for...
10 Best Romantic Book-to-Film Adaptations
We can't lie: we have been waiting for the release of Me Before You for a long, long time. From its top notch cast of Sam Claflin and Emilia Clarke (but why can't we BE her?), to its romantic/tragic storyline, we love the book AND the film equally...
There's Finally An Avocado Emoji and You Only Have To Wait A Few More Weeks To (Over) Use It
Since the dawn of time, avocado-eaters and Instagram-users have been crying out for a symbol to depict the most-photographed brunch item but the endless wait is almost over as the avo Emoji is coming to your iPhone keyboard in just a few weeks...
33 Summer Struggles Every Girl Has To Deal With
Sun, sand, sea, tans: summer is the best. The days get longer and our hems get shorter as we can FINALLY flash those pearly-white pins. But with those perks and picnics comes a whole heap of struggles...
15 Types Of People We All Have On Facebook
Love them or loathe them, all you gotta take is one scroll of your newsfeed and we guarantee you'll spot these types of users in your friends list. From the over sharer to the self promoter, we've tried to bring ourselves to do a good old fashioned culling but they're just too entertaining...
Ginger Gods: The Hottest Celebrity Redheads Ever
Ginger Gods: The Hottest Celebrity Redheads Ever
7 Weird Superstitions From Around The World That Will Make You Feel Less Crazy
Are you one of those people who will take a completely different route to your mates to avoid an encounter with a black cat? Happy to jump over cracks in the pavement to avoid bad luck? Or do you just think it's a bunch of superstitious bull...
WATCH: James Corden Speaks Up For Equal Pay in Hilarious Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Parody With Cyndi Lauper!
Our fave funnyman James Corden is at it again with the impersonations, but this time he's taking one for the girls' team and speaking up for equality. Funny and a feminist? We love him all the more for it...
Channing Tatum Just Proved He Is God On Earth With The Sweetest Mother's Day Tribute To Wife Jenna Dewan Tatum
Hot AF and a doting dad and husband too? Channing Tatum's the full package - and the super emotional tribute he just posted on Instagram to celebrate Mother's Day proves it. Swoon! Someone tell us where we can find our own Magic Mike asap...
Stop Everything! Harry Styles Has Cut Off His Glorious Long Hair...
The rumours are true: Harry Styles has officially cut his hair. In a scenario that epitomises every mother's dream, it appears that Hazza has given his mane the chop, and all in the name of charitable giving: that's right...
Blind 12-Year-Old Boy Sees His Mother For The First Time And It's Emotional AF
It's Friday, and we all know there's nothing that starts the weekend off better than a cute video - apart from maybe a G&T to go with it. This video, showing a young blind gent who gets to see his mum for the very first time, is going to make you emotional in all the right ways...
Justin Timberlake Has Released His First Song In Two Years And It's Definitely Worth The Wait
It’s hard to believe it’s been over 24 months since Snake Hips himself blessed us with his sweet, soulful sounds but he’s back with a bang(er). Not only does Justin’s long-overdue offering feature a breezy...
21 Stages We All Go Through On A Friday
Monday sucks, Tuesday is BS, we trick ourselves into thinking Wednesday is marginally better than it is by calling it hump day, we start to feel more human on Thursday and then there's Friyay. Our second favourite F word...
17 Struggles Of Being A Single Wedding Guest
Always the guest but never the bride? We feel ya. We all enjoy a wedding, but when it comes to being a guest without that significant other, well, that just brings with it a whole heap of struggles. Let's hear it for the single ladies in no rush to put a ring on it...
James Corden Just Upped The Carpool Karaoke Stakes Much To Gwen Stefani’s Surprise And It’s Hands Down The Best One Yet
James Corden has managed to persuade everyone from Justin Bieber to Stevie Wonder to hitch a ride with him AND join in with a sing-a-long but The Late Late Show host stepped it up a gear when he decided one A-lister just won’t do...
Apparently Jay Z Is Working On An Album To Tell His Side Of 'Lemonade'
So Jay Z's working on a Lemonade rebuttal album. Of course he is... What can we expect from this new album? More home truths? A more in-depth look into the lives of Jay and Bey? Whatever happens, we have a distinct feeling this whole saga isn't going to end well for the couple...
21 Things That Only Seasoned Commuters Will Know
Aren't public-transport commutes great? Aren't they just kick-you-in-the-crotch fantastic? As many commuters know, there are a whole range of emotions one goes through when aboard the train and none of them are good...
Get The Baby Oil Ready! Channing Tatum Announces 'Magic Mike Live'
Who knew that this beautiful Thursday could hold such magnificent beauty! The sun is out and the birds are singing! But are they really, or are we just TOO excited about the news that Channing Tatum has decided to turn Magic Mike into a real live show...
Amy Schumer's Met Gala Prep Just Proves She's One Of Us
There's nothing better than the feeling of relief when you discover that someone who constantly looks hot does the same weird things as you to prep for a night out. Cue Amy Schumer, queen of our hearts, guru to our lives...
Beyonce's Becky Dress & Kanye's Crazy Eyes: 8 Things That Got Everyone Talking At The Met Gala 2016
It all went down at this year's Met Gala, AKA 'The Oscars of the East Coast'. Arguably one of the greatest fashion events of the year, don't worry if your invite got lost in the post *sniff*, cos we're dishing out all the highlights on what they wearing...
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