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Ellen Degeneres Rewards a Good Samaritan! Ellen's Most Heartwarming Surprise​s
Ellen Degeneres loves surprising regular Joes and Janes with money, vacations, and kind words. This past February she changed the life of a formerly homeless man, Derrick Walton, who closes his pizza shop once a week to feed men and women in need...
James Franco Hits On Teenage Girl On Instagram: 6 Male Celebs Who Should Probably Quit Social Media
James Franco, actor and artist, has found himself in a very sticky situation. Following a performance on Broadway, he was approached by a 17-year-old girl who, like any fan, wanted a video with the star...
The Boys From Clueless Who Just Got Hotter
The 1995 classic Clueless gave us everything we could ever ask for in a movie: great clothes, hilarious banter, and a boatload of sexy guys. Well, the over the knee socks, plaid skirts with safety pins and berets may be fashion of the past but it looks like the sexy actors are here to stay...
Miranda Kerr Admits She's A Member Of The Mile-High Club & 10 Other TMI Moments From Celebs
Miranda Kerr is a naughty girl! In a recent interview with GQ, the supermodel confessed she's a member of the mile-high club. "Let's put it this way, I've had an orgasm in the air before. Alone. And together," she revealed to the glossy...
WATCH: Lion King Cast Sings for Airplane Passengers: The Best Impromptu Musical Numbers
When passengers boarded their Virgin Australia flight from Brisbane to Sydney, little did they know they would be serenaded by the Australian stage cast of The Lion King! Musicians love surprising their fans with impromptu performances, and we've got just a few of the best...
Happy Birthday Justin Bieber's Mom! 8 Controversial Celebrity Moms Who Did Whaaat?
Bieber's recent brushes with the law have shed some spotlight on his mom, Pattie, and it's not been too positive. Maybe she does give her son too much freedom, but it's hard to control a 19-year-old who has millions of dollars right...
What To Watch: The Best Detective Shows Of All Time
Since Endeavour, a series focused on a young Inspector Morse, has appeared on our screens, we've come up with our favourite detective dramas of all time. Other genres of television don't quite manage to create quite so much tension as crime thrillers, particularly the whodunnits...
Woman Spends £15,000 To Look Like Jennifer Lawrence: 8 Fans That Took Their Celebrity Love Too Far
When does loving a celebrity turn into an unhealthy obsession? How about when a person spends thousands of dollars (enough to put a down payment on a home) to look like their rich and famous idol? It sounds absolutely insane...
12 Celeb 'Dos That Made Us Say WTF
Oh, Nick Cannon! Prior to heading to Good Morning America, the rapper and ex-husband of Mariah Carey turned heads when he uploaded a few images to Instagram of his cheetah print 'do. We're all for experimentation and taking chances, but we're not sure we're loving this crazy style...
What If The Walking Dead Came True? The Zombie Apocalypse Checklist You NEED To Know About!
As we've all learned after four seasons of The Walking Dead, you have to know what you’re doing in the event of a zombie apocalypse. Season one taught us not to trust your friends in case they leave you in an infested hospital...
One Direction To Launch TV Show To Find The Perfect Girlfriend 'Finding The One'
It has been confirmed that One Direction are launching a TV show to search for the perfect girl. According to the band’s spokesperson, the boys will be auditioning girls from the ages of 18-25 across the country to take part in their The Bachelor style reality TV show...
Say Goodbye To How I Met Your Mother: The Best Of Barney Stinson!
Tonight, How I Met Your Mother is coming to an end, and we must all say goodbye to the bro we all wish we had: Barney Stinson. Barney has taught us too many valuable life lessons to count, but in honor of the series finale, we bring you the best lessons we've learned from our "Broda," Barney...
Where Do Beyoncé, Rihanna And The Stars Vacation?
Stuck on where to plan your summer holiday this year? With so many deals on relaxing cruises and luxurious beach resorts, it's difficult to pick only one place. Well you might not be able to afford these lavish holidays, but you can at least get some ideas from these celebs! Let's get dreamin'...
Are Looney Tunes Racist?! The Kid Shows You Didn't Realize Have A Terrible Subtext
You'll never be able to look at Bugs Bunny or the Powerpuff Girls in the same way again (sorry!). Whether these show writers did it subconsciously or were just making seriously bad judgement calls, looking back, these clips from famous shows and films would so not fly today...
If Kate And Wills Were Your Mum And Dad...
A photo of Kate, Will and baby George was released this week, and although we're so in love with this little family (including their dog, Lupo), we can't help but feel envious of the Heir to the Throne who is about to embark on a world tour with his parents...
The Master Could Be In The New Doctor Who Series: Villains That Should NOT Make A Comeback
Ever since we heard Doctor Who might be bringing back an old favourite villain, The Master, we have gone into a YouTube frenzy rewatching our old favourite monsters we would love to see make a comeback...
The Ultimate Game of Thrones Recap: Everything You Need To Know Before Season 4
Season 4 of Game of Thrones is TEN DAYS AWAY and we don’t know about you, but since Game of Thrones has about a zillion characters spread out all over the country getting themselves into trouble, we’ve started to get a little hazy on the details of season 3...
10 Things You Need To Know About Fox Network's Fake Prince Harry
In “WTF?” news of the week, Fox Network revealed that twelve American women traveled to England last summer in a desperate attempt to win the heart of Prince Harry. Except they were actually pining after University of Southampton grad, Matthew Hicks...
So Leighton Meester Can Sing?! Here's 10 Other Stars Who Surprised Us With Their Singing Talents
Sure, we already knew Leighton Meester has incredible style but what really threw us for a loop is how incredible her singing voice is. The actress sat alongside her friend Dana Williams for an awesome cover of Fleetwood Mac's "Dream" and the end result is totally awesome...
What To Watch: 10 Netflix Shows You Will Love
The great thing about Netflix is that it has all of those shows that ‘you’ve heard good things’ about but can never seem to find on TV. From comedies to teen dramas to fantasies, there’s something for everyone...
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