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Stop street harassers by joining the 50 Stories movement
The sofeminine team have been having a story sharing sesh today - you know how it goes - you're walking along the street and a group of boisterous men start shouting nasty threatening comments to your face and all for no reason...
New laws to make revenge porn illegal?
Break ups are hard enough as it is, but they’re especially traumatic if you have an angry ex who is gunning for revenge and isn't afraid to share intimate pictures of you with the rest of the world. Now...
Intrapreneurs: 5 ways to work your way up your company
Want to give your career a bit of a boost? Why not perfect your intrapreneurial skills? Check out our expert advice...
No More Page 3! The story so far...
Fed up of seeing boobs in newspapers? Us too. Which is why we've been fully supporting the No More Page 3 campaign. Since it launched last summer they've had over 119,000 signatures (including ours) to petition to put an end to this archaic and sexist practice in The Sun...
Babies block promotion: How women really feel about their career prospects post-baby
A recent survey by MaternityCover has discovered some shocking stats about how women feel their careers are affected by having a baby. From getting overlooked for promotion to fearing redundancy, it's time for things to change...
5 steps to get the life you love
Sometimes it can feel that as soon as one part of our life is going the way we want (our job, relationship, friends and family) something suddenly happens to throw one of them off. But is it due to circumstances outside of our control...
Robin Thicke's 'Blurred Lines' banned by universities for undermining women
Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines is definitely an opinion splitter. Whether you think it was the tune of the summer or a slap in the face of feminism one thing's for sure, everyone's been talking about it...
Working with others: The tricks of true team players
Career success is often dependent on your team so make sure you're maximising your effectiveness at working with others
How to grow a second income: Start your own business
Who couldn’t do with having a bit more cash at their disposal every month? Here's how to get yourself a second income!
The top ten funniest feminist videos ever
Feminism doesn’t have to be all straight-faced seriousness. Sometimes it can be more powerful to put a point across by tickling your funny bone rather than by being told off – which is exactly what these brilliant bunch of men and women have set out to do...
Buying A House? The Key Questions To Ask Your Estate Agent
After what feels like a lifetime of renting, you’re finally ready to do it. Ready to take that plunge and become an actual – gasp – homeowner. You’ve saved up and now you’re about to get a place of your very own, that’s actually yours, where you can settle and start to put down roots...
Robin Thicke Blurred Lines parody banned for indecency?! Oh the irony.
We're not gonna lie. We find Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines video to be a piece of complete sexist crap - the naked version and the mainstream version. But we're failing to understand how a parody of the video...
Time for a sabbatical? How to make the most of a year off
Imagine taking a year off work to do everything on your 'one day' list? Sounds good right? No wonder sabbaticals are tempting more and more professionals. While taking a year off used to be synonymous with career suicide, things have changed...
I want to change career! Your starting steps
Want to change career? Here's how it's done...
Oh great, the gender pay gap just got worse...
Just when you thought the equal pay gap was getting better along comes the bonuses to slap us in the face. This week the results of a new survey for 2013 showed that the existing pay gap is being aggravated further by a 50%, yes FIFTY PER CENT, thanks to the bonus pay gap...
No nipples please - we're Irish: The Irish Sun bins boobs on Page 3 (sort of)!
In a decision that has shocked us all, The Sun in Ireland has chosen to take out the bare boobs on Page 3. After a lot of campaigning from ‘No More Page 3’, thousands of signatures and a overwhelming public and political support in the UK, could this be the beginning of the end for news with boobs...
How to shine in an interview
Leaving a good and lasting impression in an interview isn't actually as hard as you may think!
Top of the Lake: Intelligent female-fronted television
When you turn on the TV nine times out of ten you’ll be watching a sexy leading lady. That’s of course IF there are any female leading ladies to begin with. But that’s something that Oscar-winning writer and director Jane Campion is looking to address...
How to boost your confidence at work
Eliminating self-doubt will enable you to reach career heights that you never thought possible.
Paid time off for your period…huh?
We’ll skip pass the various red paint/wave euphemisms (even though there are ALWAYS new laughs to be had there) and get right to it. Having your period is a pain in the ovaries and now, thanks to politician Mikhail Degtyarov...
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