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Managing money
Money can't buy you happiness but it can definitely contribute! It's important to know how to manage your money, bills, everyday and unexpected expenses. Here's our guide to avoiding that end-of-the-month panic...
Job interviews
Job interviews are crucial and also cause a great deal of apprehension. They should be carefully prepared for and never improvised! From preparing for questions to how to act, here's our advice to help you have the best chance of success...
Settling into a new company
Once your contract has been signed, it's time to prove yourself and integrate as best you can into your new company. Here’s our guide to settling in!
How to stop putting everything off until tomorrow
Housework, shopping, bills...yeah, I’ll do it tomorrow! Who hasn't put off doing something that could/should be done today? Procrastination can be an art form...here's how to understand it and change habits that get you in a mess...
Friendship at work
Friends are often colleagues, but friendships born in the workplace don't play by the same rules as other relationships. They should be handled with care if you want to get the most out of them!
Being a working mum
It can be difficult to get the work-life balance right when you're a working mum. Here are some tips to help you cope.
Body language
A warm, persuasive voice and wide-ranging vocabulary aren't all you need to charm your way around people: according to research 55% of communication is transmitted by body language. So to improve how you come across and hone your techniques of persuasion...
Affirming yourself at work
Feel like your voice isn't being heard? Not sure how to get your ideas and your rights across? Asserting yourself at work isn't always easy, but it's essential if you want to earn respect. Here’s some advice to help you assert yourself gently but surely...
How to manage conflict at work
Stress, misunderstanding, disagreement, different points of view, rivalry...tension in the workplace is pretty common! Before a situation gets out of control, it’s important to try and diffuse the crisis...
Dreams About Money
Our dreams tell us a lot about our desires, even the unconfessed ones. Some leave their mark and their images can be interpreted, including the notion of money, which has different meanings according to the context...
Managing your emotions at work
Anger, anxiety, joy and sadness - the workplace can generate a myriad of emotions every day, postive and negative. It can sometimes be difficult to keep your emotions in check, especially when things get hectic...
Life coaching
Coaching can help you overcome difficult times such as a break-up, a new job or illness. We take a look at a rapidly-expanding phenomenon.
Personality tests
Personality tests try to determine the principal character traits and social skills of an individual. They are often used by psychologists and recruiters. Each test has its own specifities.
IQ tests
Our IQ can tell us about the development of our intellectual capacity. How do we measure it and what is the average IQ?
20 eco-friendly tips to help save the planet
Freak weather, floods, bad air quality and animal extinction are affecting us more and more, as are governmental campaigns to save the planet. Even the corporate world has jumped on the bandwagon by offering us eco-friendly cars and other products...
Test: How do your colleagues see you?
How's it going with your work colleagues? Take our test to decipher your work behaviour, then follow our advice to improve your working relationships.
Writing a good CV
Your CV is the first thing a potential employer will look at. If you want to get an interview you need to make it look good! Here’s how to make your CV look as appealing as possible.
Time management at work
E-mails popping up all the time, the phone ringing non-stop and meetings cramming up your diary? Worried you won’t be able to meet your deadlines? The only solution is to get organised. Here’s some advice to keep from getting snowed under...
When to say 'no'
It's not easy to say no to your boss, kids, neighbours and the rest, and we often end up saying 'yes' when we want to say 'no' but don't know how to. Here's some advice to help you resist!
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