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Decision-making: A guide for the indecisive
Decision making for the indecisive
Toying With The Idea Of A Career Change? You Can Now Earn £28,000 By Masturbating
There comes a point in all of our lives when we hit the snooze button on a Monday morning, praying to silence it forever. But deep down we know we have to force ourselves out of bed at an ungodly hour...
Turns Out Skipping Your Lunch Break Is Adding Some Serious Time Onto Your Working Year
If you think about it, really think about it, when was the last time you took a proper, hour-long lunch break? Went out in the sun, brought yourself a fancy sandwich. Listened to an awesome podcast or hung out with a friend...
Midwife Shares Photo Of Period Blood-stained Uniform After She Was Too Busy To Change
It's no secret medical staff are stretched beyond belief but now one Swedish midwife has revealed the shocking reality of an understaffed maternity ward in a candid post which she hopes will kick her government into action...
This Woman Got Rejected From A Job Interview In The Most Brutal Way Possible
The job-interview process is one of the most stressful you have to endure as a fully-functioning adult. The meticulous preparation, the intense grilling, the potential follow-up tasks and the anxious...
Lily Bevan and Sally Phillips Are Creating Fun Female Characters In New Comedy Series 'Talking To Strangers'
Female comedy continues to going from strength to strength but, as Lily Bevan laments, she is tired of playing "The Girlfriend"; atypical, one-dimensional characters created for female actors. So, after an impromptu meeting with Sally Phillips...
Why Is Office Bullying Getting Worse And How Can We Stop It?
There’s an office bully in nearly every workplace. They bombard you with passive aggressive emails, leave mounds of work on your desk and try at least once a day to embarrass you in front of everyone...
What This Husband Wrote About His Wife's Work As A Trauma Nurse Is Incredible
Bobby Wesson had an incredible response after posting a picture of his wife cuddling their toddler on Facebook along with an explanation about his wife's experiences as a trauma nurse. The post has now...
Why Crying At Work Isn't A Big Deal From Someone Who Knows
Lena Dunham and Gloria Steinem recently came out as office criers in this week's Lenny Letter, making women all over the world rejoice and sing 'It's my office and I'll cry if I want to'. So why is crying at work still such a taboo...
10 Simple Steps To CV Success Straight From The Recruiter's Mouth
There comes a time in one’s life when you must reevaluate everything: your taste in music, your taste in men, your fashion sense, your job. Sometimes your dream job may feel as difficult to come by as your dream man, but the perfect job could be one step closer to being yours with a top-notch CV...
Why Your Butt & Your Self-Esteem Need to Meet YouTuber Cassey Ho
Beads of sweat are running down my face as I begin a set of single-leg bridges on the floor or my flat. One Direction's "What Makes You Beautiful" is playing in the background, and the pain shooting through my thighs and glutes is unbearable...
How To Nail Your First Week In Your New Job
Remember when your first day of school was the best day ever because you finally got to see all your friends and show off the new pencil case you just bought? Well, the first week of work is basically nothing like that...
6 Expert Tips Every Girl Needs To Know For How To Become An Entrepreneur
Being a successful entrepreneur is no easy feat, so we decided to ask an expert what it really takes to have a great idea and actually get it off the ground. Turns out it takes a lot of perseverance AND...
6 Expert Tips Every Girl Needs To Know On How To Become An Entrepreneur
Being a successful entrepreneur is no easy feat, so we decided to ask an expert what it really takes to have a great idea and actually get it off the ground. Turns out it takes a lot of perseverance AND...
A Conversation About Humanity With "Still Alice" Writer Lisa Genova
If you have not experienced the Oscar buzz that is Still Alice, you are missing something big. The best-selling novel by Lisa Genova has had huge success with its award-winning transition to the big screen...
8 Ways To Stand Out At Work Without Seeming Like A Total Suck-Up
Sure there are plenty of ways to make it known that you are the shining star of your office, but how many of those ways are possible without seeming like a complete suck-up? Luckily for you we did some...
How To Be More Organised: 10 Hacks Every Girl Needs To Know At Work
Whether you're starting a new job, bagged a promotion or are trying to find the motivation to just get through the working day, you have to be organised. If you aren't, you may not be reaching your full potential, and more importantly may or may not be driving yourself crazy...
10 Tips On How To Network Effectively WITHOUT Getting Your Flirt On
Ladies, let's face it. Sometimes we use our feminine powers without even knowing it, and there's a time and a place for that type of sorcery. Knowing how to network effectively is an important part of getting ahead in any business...
Wednesday Wisdom From Hillary Clinton: Quotes Every Woman Can Learn From
Listen up! One of the most powerful women in politics is about to drop some wisdom!
Apple And Facebook Will Pay To Freeze Your Eggs: A Work Perk Or Blatant Manipulation?
Facebook and Apple are plying their female employees with a tempting offer - $20,000 (around £12,000) towards freezing their eggs. The work perk sounds great at first but does it reveal a more manipulative intent...
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