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We're Getting A New Poo Emoji And It's The Sh*t
Nothing express our unwavering immaturity quite like the poop emoji - the one shaped like a serving of soft-serve ice cream, smiling like a lunatic. So big is the humble turd's fame, it's been realised in all sorts of naff memorabilia - key rings, plush cushions, T-shirts - the list is endless...
The Reason Why Women Are Sharing Photos Of Their Bellies
On this day, women everywhere are lifting up their tops, baring their bellies, scrawling female-related health conditions across them and sharing their photos on social media - all in the name of EveryWoman Day...
Picture-proof Toned AF Personal Trainers Have Cellulite, Too
With all the retouching, photoshopping and Facetuning saturating our social-media feeds, it's easy to take everything we see for face value, including the impossibly flat stomachs of fitness bloggers...
This Male Boss Sent A Sexist Email About His Female Employee, Accidentally Copied In The Whole Office
Sexism in Hollywood is no secret, from actresses being fat-shamed to the massive disparity between male and female co-stars - but just because it's out there in the open, it doesn't make it any less frustrating...
Rihanna's Body Transformation In Pictures
Our girl Riri has gone through a pretty awesome body transformation recently and to be quite honest, we're all here for it. Now, if only all weight gains were treated like this... From 2005 - 2017, we celebrate Rihanna's body and all its glorious changes...
Women Are Squishing Their Boobs Into Hearts On Social Media For No Apparent Reason
I'm all for body-positive trends, although I'm yet to be so brave as to publicise my many imperfections on social media, but the latest one doing the rounds is a little more controversial than its predecessors...
Tess Holliday Has A Few Things To Say About Robbie Tripp's 'Curvy Wife' Tribute
Robbie Tripp's Instagram pic dedicated to his 'curvy wife' made the Internet hella mad mostly because of the congratulatory nature of the post, namely the bit where he brings up being "teased by my friends for my attraction to girls on the thicker side"...
Hilary Duff Proudly Shows Off Cellulite And Body Flaws In Real Bikini Photo
Instagram is normally synonymous with picture-perfect images - airbrushed and filtered within an inch of their lives - but not if you're Miss Hilary Duff. The star has shared an unretouched bikini...
A Transgender Man Has Given Birth To His First Baby
A 34-year-old transgender man, who documented his pregnancy on social media, has given birth to his first baby. He is among the few transgender men in the world to give birth.
This Husband's Note To His Wife And Her 'Curvy Body' Is What Romance Is Made Of
Next time you're on the hunt for a new boyfriend, make sure you compare him to Sarah Tripp's husband, Robbie. He took to Instagram this week to praise his wife and her beautiful body, encouraging...
'Tattoos Don't Define The Person': Nurse's Son Says You Shouldn't Judge Her By Her Ink
Tattoos in the workplace has been long debated. Is it freedom of expression? Or should they be covered up during your nine-to-five? Jordan Miller argues that a person's body art doesn't stop them from doing a good job - and he should know, his tattooed mum's a dedicated nurse...
This Fitness Instagram Star Wants You To Stop Being So Self-critical
It's easy to be critical of yourself when you're just a double tap and scroll away from Instagram perfection. But French blogger Louise Aubery isn't having any of it. In her latest Instagram post, she's teaching us critical thinkers a little bit of self love...
Tesco Are Going To Pay Our Tampon Tax So We Don't Have To
Hooray! It's a good day to have a uterus because Tesco is the first retailer to pay the 5% tampon tax, meaning our sanitary products will finally be cheaper. Ok so they're still not free but every little helps...
A London Bar Is Asking For 'Extremely Attractive' Staff Only And Twitter's Not Impressed
A new jazz bar in London advertised for waiting staff to come and work for them, but there was one stipulation to the job: "unfortunately", you had to be extremely attractive to even be considered...
Blogger Tells People "It's Cool To Be Real" In Honest Instagram Pic Of Her Stomach Fat
Fenella Scarlett McCall doesn't care much for misleading Instagram pics. She also doesn't care much for the more traditional rules of losing weight. All Fenella wants to do is inspire women to be themselves and be real because let's be honest, that's way cooler...
Transgender Activist Bleeds Through Trousers In Public To Prove 'Men Have Periods Too'
Being caught off guard and bleeding through your clothes when you're on your period and in public is a nightmare situation most women pray they never have to endure. But one period-positive activist has bled freely through their lightly-coloured chinos...
This Woman Cut Her Husband's Balls Off Because She Refused To Have Morning Sex
Non-consensual sex is no laughing matter so you can imagine the ordeal of having a man repeatedly demanding to have sex when you really don't want to. Imagine this man is your husband who you've recently...
Good News Gals! Someone Has Finally Created A Beer For Women
Oh em gee ladies, isn't it just like, the literal worst when you go to a pub and you don't fancy a prosecco and there's no Aperol spritz and only beer left, but ew! It's beer - it's heavy and too fizzy and just, yuck...
A Woman In Saudi Arabia Is Being Investigated By Police For Wearing A Mini Skirt
A Saudi woman recently posted a video of herself on Snapchat, appearing to break the country's strict dress code. The young woman - who is reportedly a model - was filmed walking around a historic...
Mum-of-three Proves There's An Ugly Side To Every 'Picture-perfect' Instagram Photo
Whether it's a selfie, work pass or grou
so hard to find the angle in which you look best. The struggle is real, you guys. But once you've got that angle, BAM - you look a million dollars. And that angle? From above, always from above, as Tova Leigh is teaching us...
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