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Cards Against Humanity Make Fun Of Pink Tax With Pricey 'For Her' Edition
Cards Against Humanity is their name, offensive is their game. And they're back at it with their new version of the game - a pink edition, made just for us ladies.
Women Now Need Permission To Get An Abortion In Arkansas
Whilst we continue to take steps forward in our fight for equality, there's always something or someone that forces us to take massive strides backwards. Case in point: Arkansas have just passed a law that forces women to have the permission of their partner before they can seek an abortion...
This 26 Year Old With Wrinkles Is Teaching Us To Love Our Bodies
In today's women-are-the-best news, allow me to introduce you to Sara Geurts - a 26-year-old body-positive advocate who is championing the mantra that "each imperfection you have tells a story about who you are"...
This Woman Posts 'Unflattering' Pic To Show Her Daughters Why She Loves Her 'Bubblegum Belly'
The process of having a baby isn't always the easiest, especially when it comes to your self confidence. With so many changes to your body, it's easy to become upset about any little comment about your body - especially when it comes out the unfiltered mouth of a child...
This Plus-size Model Bravely Confronted A Man Who Sent Fat-shaming Texts About Her
For 'every men are the worst' story there's a 'women are the best' story to restore our faith. This latest viral tale of body-shaming involves elements of each and both parties can teach us a valuable lesson about judging a book by its cover...
This Model Gave Up Living On '500 Calories A Day' To Embrace Her Natural Curves
When food is life it's hard to imagine restricting your calorie intake or denying yourself of your fave snacks, but that's the sad reality for lots of models today, who need to stay skeletal in order to get booked on the runway and succeed in their careers...
This Woman Was Forced To Leave Her Apartment Pool For Wearing A Swimsuit
And today in bullsh*t us women have to put up with: this 20-year-old woman was ejected from her own apartment's communal pool for wearing a one piece swimsuit, because "there are a lot of teenage boys in this complex, and you don't need to excite them...
We Can't Deny It, 'Thunder Thighs' Is Our Summer Jam
You can stop releasing songs now Justin Bieber, 'cos we've already found our summer jam and it's perfect. New York rapper Miss Eaves has released her new song 'Thunder Thighs' and it speaks directly to our hearts - and our chub rub...
This Woman's Daughter Called Her Fat And She Responded In The Most Inspirational Way
We all know that when it comes to kids, they're our harshest critics. They have no filter, and when they say something, my god do they mean it. Like us, kids sometimes say things in anger and, unlike us, they don't just keep it as a thought inside their heads...
Woman Has To Explain To Female Airport Security Guard What A Tampon Is
As 21st century women with easy access to female sanitary products it's all too easy to forget that, despite that pesky tampon tax, we're actually the lucky ones. This is a idea that hit all too close to home for one BBC journalist on a recent trip to Egypt...
Irish Teenager Is Sectioned After Asking For An Abortion
It seems crazy that in this day and age, some women still are unable to have an abortion if they should need one, but sadly that is still the case in Ireland, where abortion is illegal under Irish laws...
This Artist Creates Paintings From Her Menstrual Blood To Highlight Period Poverty
Zoe Ward bleeds for her art - literally. Now, most people say art is subjective, but there's no denying that Zoe's latest painting is made from menstruation. Yep, that's definitely period blood you're looking at right there...
YAS! Science Says Plus Sized Women Are Having A Positive Impact On Our Mental Health
We all know the scarily thin women on the catwalk and fashion spreads don't resemble women IRL, but that doesn't stop us comparing ourselves to them and feeling hella bad as a result. Now, results of...
Women Are Asking To Have Their "Bra Bulge" Surgically Removed And We're Very Confused
We all have parts of our body that we don't like. Be it cellulite, stretch marks, hip dips - the list goes on - but this is one we've never heard of before. Women are so unhappy by what's been termed as their "bra bulge" that they're having it surgically removed...
The #JiggleForJoy Movement Will Make You Learn To Love Your Lady Lumps
We've all sat and scrolled through Instagram and wondered how many ab crunches/ miracles it would take to look even half as good as these otherworldly #fitfam women. Especially when Ben & Jerry's and Domino's exists...
Woman Frankly Explains Why We Shouldn't Feel Like Sh*t If Our Boyfriend's Got A Better Body
The pressure for women to achieve and maintain a perfectly-proportioned size 8 body is more rife than ever but can you imagine just how inferior you'd feel if your partner was sculpted to within an inch...
The Hottest Summer Trend Is The Visible Belly Outline, And Here's The Proof
While social media may have its flaws when it comes to promoting body confidence ('fit fam' ab spam anyone?) sometimes we can rely on it for the body positive boost we all need. Enter this blogger promoting and totally owning 'the visible belly outline' we're all guilty of hiding and stressing over...
This Girl Dumped Her Jerk Boyfriend After He Commented On Her 'Cellulite' In Bikini Pic
The sign of a good boyfriend is being able to wear anything in front of them and they still think you look great. You could be wearing a bin bag, tied round the waist with some raggedy old string, and they'd still think you looked the t*ts...
This Teenager Is Teaching Us A Valuable Lesson In Body Positivity After Facing Her Biggest Fear
In a world where women are bombarded with unrealistic beauty ideals, we welcome preachers of body-positivity with open arms. Teenagers may get a bad rep 'cos hormones but this brave 13-year-old girl is teaching us a valuable in self-love many older, famous females have failed to...
This Model Was Sacked For Being On Her Period And It's Not Okay
Our monthly curse, also known as periods, are never easy to deal with at the best of times but spare a thought for Rachel Rickert. The model was unfairly shamed and fired from a recent modelling job as...
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