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20 Signs He's The One... And That You Should Say "I Do"
Whether you're a month or a year into your relationship, every girl faces the same question at some point; "Is he 'The One?'" If you want to tell whether you're headed for wedding bells... be on the look out for these 20 signs that he's a keeper...
What Carrie Bradshaw Taught Us About Love
Hard to believe it's been ten years since Sex and the City went off the air when we're still so obsessed with it. We watch the repeats, we quote the one-liners, and of course, we still channel Carrie when we get dressed in the morning...
Relationship resolutions for 2014
The mark of a new year has long symbolized a clean slate and a fresh start. It's a time when individuals are encouraged to focus on and better themselves through resolutions and the breaking of bad habits...
10 Tips For A Romantic Night In
Whether you're just starting out as a couple or have been together for years, the truth is that romance often goes out the window fairly quickly when a couple reaches a certain level of comfort with one another...
Hilarious or heart-breaking: The top 10 ridiculous reasons for UK break ups
We’ve all been in a relationship where you’re just looking for a reason to break up with your partner. But some of us might be a little more cut throat than others when giving their other half the chop...
What is an open relationship?
Have you ever thought about having an open relationship? It's definitely not for everyone, we know, but some people swear by it. They say they are closer and even have better sex together as a result...
Adultery: How To Recognise An Unfaithful Man
A few years ago, to help you recognise an unfaithful man, we would have talked about suspicious behaviour or questionable attitudes.
How To Make A Long-distance Relationship Last
Long distance relationships may seem romantic but anyone who’s ever been in one will know it’s not always Sleepless In Seattle. However, research by eHarmony shows that the average Brit is willing to travel over 400 miles for love...
Do you believe in everlasting love?
No, is the short answer. But that wouldn’t make great reading, so I will try and expand…
Love Or Friendship?
Now many films, books and songs have tried to define the fine line that separates friendship from love between a man and a woman. How do you tell if it's love or just close friendship?
When your other half starts eyeing up a pretty girl in the street, you automatically feel an attack of the old green-eyed monster coming on. It this a normal reaction? How can you control often-embarrassing feelings of jealousy? Here’s how...
5 Ways To Make Love Actually Last In A Commitment-phobic World
Oh man, young love. It’s all heart eyes and sweaty palms. Butterflies and hair touching. Falling asleep in each other’s arms. Kissing selfies. Sharing fries. Annoying all your friends. Snogging...
8 Ways To Get Out of A Relationship Rut
We've all been there: the honeymoon period is nothing but a distant memory, the boundaries have have been broken (inc. but not limited to gross toilet habits) and now everything just seems, well, all a bit too comfortable...
Long distance love
Distant relationships aren't always easy. However, a few very simple basics can help you deal with separation in the best possible way. Here are some tips on making a long distance relationship work...
Dealing with a break-up
Conflict in your relationship? Lost that loving feeling, or suffering from a lack of communication? Sometimes there is no other solution than to go your separate ways. No one wins, and each of you have to start over...
How To Tell Him You Love Him: The Best Ways To Do It
You met a boy who is everything you could ever want. You can't wait to spend every moment with him and you've realised that he is absolutely the one for you. You finally know the meaning of love and can identify with Adele songs...
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