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The A-Z of aphrodisiac foods
Aphrodisiac foods​
You Can Now Have A £1 Orgasm Thanks To Poundland's Cheap AF Sex Toys
Calling all horny humans: you'll be buzzing to know that in the age of 2017 and virtual reality porn, you can have an orgasm for as little as £1 thanks to the cheapest range of sex toys in the history of horny humans...
20 Of The Best Sex Positions For A Small Penis
20 Of The Best Sex Positions For A Small Penis
This Is The Amount Of Sex You Should Be Having For Your Age
When it comes to sex, we're always questioning whether everything is normal. Is the way we're doing it OK? Are the noises we're making weird? Is it too long, or too short? But most importantly, are we doing it enough...
Turns Out Millennials Will Take Their Porn Without A Side Of Boob, Thank You Very Much
I'll say it once and I'll say it again: millennials suuuuck. They suck so hard. Fidget spinners are stupid, we're ruining McDonald's for everyone, we drink cocktails out of jam jars, we share way too much...
Bespoke Cock Rings Are Here To Spice Up Your Sex Life
'Bespoke' is a very big thing these days. Bespoke furniture, bespoke burgers, bespoke clothing. But "erotic male jewellery" company Esculpta have got the made-to-order bijouterie that you didn't know you wanted and probably still don't want: bespoke cock rings...
Every Hole's A Goal! Introducing The New Three-Holed Sex Toy For Men
It's no secret that the variety of sex toys available for the male population are limited but I come (sorry) bearing good news for all the horny boys out there who are no longer content with using what God gave them to pleasure themselves...
Girl On Top Is THE Most Dangerous Sex Position Of Them All
It's 2017 and we officially can't have nice things: so far this year unicorns, Game of Thrones and contouring have all been ruined thanks to themed dildos and using balls in place of beauty blenders, respectively...
Men On The Internet Are Having Sex With Coconuts And It's Low-key Nuts
God bless mankind: no longer are men satisfied with tugging away at their willies with what God gave them, they're now being forced (albeit by their own imaginations) to experiment with wanking techniques...
A GoT Dildo Exists Because Winter Is Coming
If you're already psyching yourself up for the season finale of Game of Thrones, rest assured in the knowledge you can continue to get your fix long after the final episode thanks to a GoT-themed dildo which is aptly-titled Game of Moans...
This Mum Was Mortified When She Found Her Daughter's 'Sex Toy' In The Dishwasher
Much like your favourite mug, your trustee sex toy needs a good clean after each use but what do you do when a face wipe won't suffice? Shove it in the dishwasher duh.
Why You Shouldn't Put A Makeup Sponge Up Your Vagina When Having Period Sex
While we're all for the increasingly open discussions about vaginal health, some of the most recent hacks and 'health' trends have proved more dangerous than useful. Period. First came him who shall...
The Vaginal Pressure Inducer Is Here To Make Your Orgasms Super
When it comes to ways to get women off, we've heard the best of 'em: rampant rabbits, bullets, pebbles, love eggs. You name it, we've heard it whispered in low, giggly tones by gaggles of girls - and perhaps shouted once enough cocktails have been consumed...
Women Are Blow Drying Their Vaginas After Sex And They Really Shouldn't
Sex can be a minefield at the best times but have you ever considered just how hygienic your post-coital, clean-up operation is? While most people will have their preferred method of ridding themselves of excess sexual excrement...
Fidget Spinner Porn Is A Real-life Thing And We Don't Understand Why
2017 has seen the birth of many weird, wonderful and downright unnecessary inventions and trends but fidget spinner porn may just trump everything that's come before it. According to the holy grail of X-rated Internet videos PornHub...
Nokia 3310 Phones Make Great Vibrators, According To Women In India
Desperate times call for desperate measures, right? But how far are you prepared to go to get off? Women in India have proved themselves as a frugal lot as the humble Nokia 3310 i.e. the phone no...
Unicorn Spit Lube Is Proof Our Obsession With The Mythical Creature Has Gone Too Far
If you got the horn over those 'magical' unicorn dildos that came to our attention earlier this year, you're going to freak the hell out over the mythical creature's latest offering. Enter: unicorn spit lube...
How To Masturbate for Your Partner
Think masturbation is nothing but a selfish, self-indulgent act? Well think again, ladies. Masturbation is actually a great way to spice up your sex life by helping strengthen your bond with your partner and improve your sexual confidence...
This Vibrator Is Gold Plated And Will Cost You A Cool £10,000
They say the best things in life are free but that's bullsh*t according to the makers of the world's most expensive sex-toy collection. High-end brand Lelo hope to put an end to your cheap (free) thrills with their latest offering of golden vibrators that are fit only for royalty...
This Is How To Make Your Orgasm A *Super* Orgasm
A life without orgasms is a life not worth living IMHO and that's why I jumped with joy when I heard a new and improved orgasm was doing the rounds. Enter: The Super Orgasm. Imagine if you could make your average orgasm 100 times better...
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