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Growing tomatoes
Growing your own tomatoes is easy and rewarding. Follow our step-by-step guide to growing tomatoes.
Calories in fruits
Rich in vitamins, minerals and fibres, fruits are highly recommended for good health. Nevertheless, they have their fair share of calories, with some fruits containing far more calories than others.
Basic Pancake Batter Recipe
Makes 8 pancakes takes around 30 minutes
Introduction to vegetarian diets
Vegetarian diets are becoming increasingly popular as meat prices as well as health concerns rise. Many people are cutting down or cutting out meat in favour of a full vegetarian diet - here's what you need to know...
Gelatine and agar agar
How do you get your charlottes, pannacottas and cheesecakes to stay firm? Either by using classic gelatine or agar agar, which is all the rage at the moment. Here’s some useful info, advice and methods of use for these two setting/gelling agents...
Types of sugar
Although sugar is more and more criticised these days, it is still just as appreciated. Sugar is an important ingredient in cooking. To find out all about the different types, how it is processed and used in cooking, follow our guide...
Lebanese mezze
Well known to those who are familiar with Lebanese cuisine, mezze are a selection of small dishes to enjoy during celebrations or family gatherings. It's a kind of buffet for all the family to enjoy and ideal for summer meals: delicious, refreshing and hard to resist...
Whether you're making dry, sticky, French, Italian or Swiss meringue, all are made using the same two ingredients: egg whites and sugar. Variations are made by altering the quantities, the type of sugar used and the way you add the egg whites...
Making jam
Jam on your morning toast or afternoon scone is a comfort and a treat, and when you can say your blueberry jam is home made it's an added source of pride! Making your very own jam and jelly is really easy; here are our tips, golden rules and recipes to get you started...
Superfoods are the things we can eat that are characterised by :
Scotch Pancake Recipe
To make Scotch pancakes your need a specific Scotch pancake recipe as it's a different recipe from your basic pancake batter.
They invite themselves into our kitchens and flavour our dishes like nothing else, bringing freshness and subtle scents. Herbs go with absolutely everything: meat, fish, vegetables, fruit and cheese. There are dozens of them, but many are unknown...
Custard is more than a side serving: it can soften acidic desserts or bring out the flavour of a dessert with its subtle vanilla flavour. It's usually served hot with puddings, but can also be served cold and set (as in custard creams), or in various thicknesses depending on your recipe...
Packed with vitamins, soup fills you up and tastes great, especially when it’s homemade. Complicated? Not at all: it’s incredibly simple, and easy on your wallet too. Follow our guide to making soups...
Potato varieties and uses
Potatoes may look similar, but there's a huge variety out there! It can be difficult to know which potato to choose for which recipe; they have different textures, cooking times and starch levels.
Pasta carbonara
Carbonara is yummy, easy to make, never disappoints, combines tasty ingredients and is nourishing and delicious. Bacon, cream, eggs and onions combine to make a delicious flavour.
Ice cream
Summer, the sun, bikinis and ice cream! What’s more refreshing than a cold ice cream when the temperature rises? And today, with ice cream makers more easily available, making your own has become child’s play...
7 Cooking Methods You Should Know About
You might not be a five star chef, but you should be able to do a thing or two in the kitchen. So to start you off, we have put together a list of cooking methods that you should know about. Every method of cooking has its own characteristics...
Cheese fondue
We all dream of recreating delicious fondue worthy of a restaurant in the French Alps. Here's our guide to making the many varieties of cheese fondue. It's so easy, as long as you follow the right rules, use the right cheese and have the right equipment...
Sweet pastry
Sweet, crunchy pastry makes delicious strawberry tarts, fruit pies and cream pastries that remind us of our childhood! It's child's play to make, too. Here are our rules, recipes and tips for perfect pastry every time...
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Calories in fruits
Growing tomatoes
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