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Spanish omelette

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8 eggs 2 large potatoes Salt & pepper Olive oil Peel, wash and chop the potatoes into small chunks. Season. Heat the oil in a large frying pan. Sauté the potatoes until golden...


Anchovies in vinegar

Home / Food and Drink / Recipes / Anchovies in vinegar

1 kg anchovies vinegar garlic parsley salt olive oil Allow 24 hours marinating time. Remove the heads and backbones from the anchovies and wash carefully. Open them out. Salt...


Chorizo with cider

Home / Food and Drink / Recipes / Chorizo with cider

4 chorizo sausages 1 bottle cider Heat a little olive oil in a terracotta casserole dish. Brown the chorizo at a high heat, add a generous splash of cider. Cook for a few more...


Chicken and citrus salad

Home / Food and Drink / Recipes / Chicken and citrus salad

300g chicken breast 12 cherry tomatoes 1 yellow grapefruit 8 baby corn on the cob 100g bean sprouts 1 packet Batavia salad 20g sesame seeds Citrus sauce: 1 teaspoon strong mustard 1...


Chicken with almonds

Home / Food and Drink / Recipes / Chicken with almonds

4 chicken breasts of around 120g each 2 tablespoons soy sauce 2 teaspoons ground ginger 140g almonds 1 onion 1 clove garlic Peel the onion and garlic, chop finely. Cut chicken...


Chicken with capsicums

Home / Food and Drink / Recipes / Chicken with capsicums

Allow 2 hours' marinating time 4 chicken breasts of 120g 1 green pepper 1 red pepper 140g bamboo shoots 1 onion 1 clove garlic 2 tablespoons soy sauce 2 tablepsoons white wine 2...


Carpaccio of scallops

Home / Food and Drink / Recipes / Carpaccio of scallops

20 scallops, weighing about 5 to 6 kg 80g parmesan cheese, in block 12 good rocket leaves 1 lemon 10 tablespoons olive oil Salt, black pepper 12 pansies Open the scallops. Rinse well...


Rhubarb tart

Home / Food and Drink / Recipes / Rhubarb tart

Base : 150g flour 2 eggs 4 tablespoons sugar 60g butter Salt Filling : 6 sticks rhubarb Sugar, weighing half that of rhubarb Cream : 2 eggs 30g butter 50g sugar Peel rhubarb...


Berlin brioche

Home / Food and Drink / Recipes / Berlin brioche

250g self-raising flour 6g yeast 1/2 glass warm milk 90g butter 3 eggs 50g blanched sweet almonds 1 drop bitter almond extract 100g raisins 1 teaspoon orange zest 1 pinch grated...


Morello cherry tart

Home / Food and Drink / Recipes / Morello cherry tart

Base : 6 eggs, separated 100g sugar 80g ground almonds 60g biscuits (Digestives work very well) 40g butter Vanilla Cinnamon Filling : 1 glass milk 1 egg 20g flour 240g icing sugar...


German apple pie

Home / Food and Drink / Recipes / German apple pie

120g flour 160g butter 80g sugar 2 tablespoons lemon zest 1 pinch salt 2 eggs Filling : 1 kg red apples, preferably Cox's Pippins 100g sugar 100g raisins 30g butter 2 tablespoons...


Linz tart

Home / Food and Drink / Recipes / Linz tart

Base : 125g flour 60g caster sugar 1 egg 70g butter 5g vanilla 1 pinch cinnamon Filling : 75g ground almonds 75g sugar 1 lemon (grate zest and squeeze juice) 20g cocoa powder 1...


Viennese hot chocolate

Home / Food and Drink / Recipes / Viennese hot chocolate

6 small bars of chocolate (1 per person, about 40g each) 1 litre milk 3 egg yolk 6 tablespoon whipped cream Dissolve the chocolate in a little water, add milk and cook over low...


Apple strudel

Home / Food and Drink / Recipes / Apple strudel

Pastry : 250g flour 3 eggs 80g butter Filling : 500g apples 50g raisins 80g chopped almonds 150g sugar 1 tablespoon cinnamon Take a bowl and work the flour, butter, 2 eggs and...



Home / Food and Drink / Recipes / Sachertorte

Pastry: 150g self raising flour 150g sugar 150g chocolate 150g soft butter 8 eggs 1 packet vanilla sugar or a 2 teaspoons vanilla essence 1 pinch salt Icing : 150g chocolate,...


Chocolate napolitan

Home / Food and Drink / Recipes / Chocolate napolitan

For the cake: 225g macaroons 160g dark chocolate 1 teaspoon instant coffee 4 eggs 400g cream 30g sugar To decorate: 200g macaroons 50g coffee, mixed with sugar The day before...


Genoa cake

Home / Food and Drink / Recipes / Genoa cake

150g sugar 125g butter 100g almonds 40g flour 3 eggs 1 pinch salt 1 glass Kirsch Finely chop the almonds and mix with half of the sugar. Cream together softened butter and rest...



Home / Food and Drink / Recipes / Cappuccino

1 cup coffee 1-3 tablespoons whipped cream Cocoa powder or drinking chocolate 100ml milk Make a milky coffee, top with whipped cream and sprinkle with chocolate. Serve immediately...


Traditional Earl Grey tea

Home / Food and Drink / Recipes / Traditional Earl Grey tea

Earl Grey tea, loose or in bags Boiling water Lemon, if desired Sugar to taste To make this bergamot-fragranced tea properly, you need to let the tea steep for long enough to let...


Café espresso

Home / Food and Drink / Recipes / Café espresso

6 tablespoons ground coffee 6 large cups water If you are not grinding your own, make sure you buy very finely ground coffee. If using a coffee machine, put a spoonful of coffee...