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Nestlé Are Selling A Version Of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups And OMG
America has gifted us many things in its 241-plus-year history (Channing Tatum, Disneyworld, NSYNC etc.) but personally, I reckon the best export from across the pond is its Reese's Peanut Butter...
Prosecco Advent Calendars Are Here To Make Your Christmas Merry AF
I know I know - it's way too early to be talking about Christmas. Kids are still on summer holidays, we've still got suncream on for crying out loud. But we can't not talk about Christmas when this year's top advent calendar is going to be filled with delicious, boozy prosecco...
This Bakery Turns Internet Trolls' Comments Into Cakes And Sends Them Anonymously
Everyone's had some dumbass say means things to them at one point or another. Maybe it was over an old school AOL chat or MSN messenger, or maybe it was on Facebook or Twitter. No matter the medium, it's just a fact of life that sometimes, people suck...
Aldi's Gin Is Named One Of The Best In The Word - And It's Less Than A Tenner
Can we just take a moment to appreciate Aldi because they are bossing the supermarket game right now. First, they released an affordable mud mask to rival Glamgldw' and now their £10 gin has been voted one of the best in the world...
Drinking Alcohol Actually Improves Your Memory, Apparently
A new study has shown that we're better at remembering things when we've been drinking which probably explains why you always boss pub quizzes.
Is This Photo Of A Filthy McFlurry Machine Enough To Make You Never Eat One Again?
Unlike Marmite, the humble McFlurry has the power to unite the masses - even though your choice of topping is heaped in judgement. McDonald's much-loved ice cream and its menu of E-number-heavy garnishes...
Stop Everything! A Real-life Nutella Tap Exists
No, your eyes are not decieving you - that is a ta

/> Because we all need another reason to visit Aus...
These Penis Cakes Are Taking America By Storm
Listen, give us a d*ck-shaped cake and we'll show you a happy bunch of women. That's why we're loving the look of these popular Taiwanese phallic treats - and it seems other people are too with customers queuing round the block to get a cheeky taste of these cream-covered cock cakes...
Rosé Ice Pops Are The Booziest Way To Cool Down This Summer
Summer is almost, almost here and the sunshine has even made a brief appearance too, so that can only mean the three b's associated with this season, bikinis, beach and booze, are just around the corner...
Happy National Doughnut Day! 17 Of The Yummiest Doughnut Recipes You Have To Try
Doughnuts are one of life's most underrated pleasures. Whether you're happy, sad or just 'hangry', the sweet snack with the hole in it is always there. But while you may be partial to the odd Krispy Kreme or jam-filled variety...
Rose-shaped Doughnuts Are The Summer's Sweetest Treat
What do you get when you combine a bunch of flowers and a doughnut? Doughflowers of course - and we know which one we'd rather get a bouquet of.
Gin-Flavoured Ice Cream Is Here And We're Salivating At The Thought
What could be tastier than an ice-cold gin and tonic in the height of summer? Nothing tbh. But what if you could satisfy your G&T craving with a scoop of gin-flavoured ice cream? This is not a drill but in fact potentially the greatest booze-food hybrid yet...
Prosecco, Rosé and Champagne Ice Lollies Are The Fanciest Treat You Need This Summer
Summer is looming over us like a big cloud filled with muggy heat and barbecue smells. There's nothing we like better than throwing on a summer dress and kicking back with a large rosé in one hand and an ice-cold lolly in the other...
Rosé Chocolate Is Here And It's All Our Dreams Come True
Easter may be over but wipe those tears because rosé chocolate is here and it will more than fill the cocoa-shaped hole left in your life. Two of life's greatest vices, chocolate and wine, coming together as one? This foodie news is music to our ears...
Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccinos Are REAL And They're On Their Way
People love Starbucks. People love unicorns. So it was only a matter of time before these two joined forces and created something so delicious, so majestic, so magical that we'll be throwing an entire month's wages at daily frappuccinos...
Reese's Are Now Doing A Peanut Creme Egg And All Is Right With The World
It's a relief to hear that, sometimes, your prayers do get answered. So as Easter rolls around once again and there's an abundance of creme eggs overflowing on supermarket shelves, we've never been...
You Can Now Buy A Lollipop Shaped Like Donald Trump's Head - And All The Profits Go To Planned Parenthood
sucks. He sucks real bad. So we're glad there's finally a sweet treat that fully embodies this sentiment: ladies and gents, we give you the 'Trump Sucks' lollipop.
Ready Made Angel Delight Pots Now Exist And We Couldn't Be Happier
Sweet-toothed pudding fans with a penchant for ready made, sweet tasting goodness, get ready to meet your new addiction: Angel Delight in a pot. That's right, the snack from our youth has had a hassle free revamp and we're totally here for it...
Wine-Infused Coffee Is A Thing And Now We Can All Die Happy
Want to get through a Monday morning with the taste of Friday on your tongue? Then this wine-coffee blend by Napa Valley wine company Molinari Private Reserve is going to be the beverage you'll be storing in every cupboard, drawer and handbag from now on...
This Is Not A Drill: You Can Now Buy Gin & Tonic Easter Eggs!
Chocolate and booze lovers of the land listen up: your chocolate-gin dreams have come true thanks to the greatest booze-food hybrid to bless us with its presence. Enter: the gin and tonic easter egg i...
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