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These Mini Egg-Sized Avocados Are So Cute But Hurry 'Cos They Won't Last Forever!
Just when you thought you couldn't be anymore dedicated to your avocado obsession, Tesco go and introduce the cutest little egg-shaped avos we've ever seen. Say hello to the babycado or 'Zilla Eggs' - they taste like an avocado...
25 Tasty Vegan Meal-Prep Ideas That Prove It's Not As Hard As You Think
Meal pre
and it doesn't have to be time consuming either? Intrigued? Thought so. Try these quick and easy vegan recipes that'll turn you into a meal-prepping machine quicker than you can say 'meat free'...
Avocado Art Is Your New Instagram Obsession
If you love playing with your food, this latest Insta craze is taking it to the next level and trust us - you're gonna love it. People are taking everyone's favourite squishy green fruit (yeah that's right - IT'S A FRUIT) and turning it into edible art which...
This Woman Found A "Squid Like" Object In Her Fancy Coconut Water
Have you ever drank out of a mug only to discover there's a spider in there? I have, and it's haunted me ever since. My number one life rule is to always, always check a glass before drinking out...
Avocado Mayo Is The Newest Food Hybrid We Never Knew We Needed
Welcome to 2017: the year we're no longer content with life's simple pleasures - such as avocados and mayonnaise - we have to do everything in our power to 'improve' them. The brunch staple and the much-loved condiment are the latest things to fall victim to this trend...
Penis Lattes Are Here And They're Giving Morning Glory A Whole New Meaning
If you've been searching for new ways to make getting up in the morning easier, we may have found the holy grail in the form of penis lattes; and they're every bit as LOL worthy as they sound. The impressive caffeinated works of art have got us laughing all the way to the office...
Exploding Nutribullets Have Been Seriously Injuring Customers
If there's any reason not to eat healthy ever again, this is it: Nutribullets are exploding. The malfunctioning blenders have been causing serious injury to some of its customers, with many of them experiencing second degree burns to their face and arms...
Skinny Prosecco Is Heading To Supermarkets and We Could Pop With Excitement
Just when you thought your favourite fizz couldn't get any better, it's only gone and gone (almost) sugar free. That's right people, skinny, kinda healthy prosecco now exists and it's heading to a supermarket near you soon...
Listen Up, Mums-To-Be! We Found The Best Non-alcoholic Wines For You To Try
Alcohol is a gift to all women (and men). It makes us brutally honest, better looking and excellent dancers or so we think. But there are circumstances that forbid us from drinking alcohol and it's...
10 Deliciously Healthy Meals You Can Make With A Spiraliser
It's January and if you've jumped on the healthy-eating bandwagon, chances are you've whipped out that spiraliser already. For those who don't know, spiralisers are an amazing kitchen appliance that turns fruit and veg into spirals, and you can use many of them as a noodle substitute...
13 Healthy Eating Hacks For The Lazy Girl
Incorporating healthy eating into our everyday lives is always the dream, but it's haaaard. It takes time and effort and a lot of cleaning and it makes us want to eat nandos off of paper plates every day for the rest of our lives...
16 Winter Smoothies You Need In Your Life Right Now
When the mornings are cold and the evenings are dark, the allure of smoothies can wane. Our tastebuds have lost their craving for tropical fruit flavours and ice cold beverages and want nothing but spiced apples and cinnamon and delicious warmth spreading across our tongues...
I Went Vegetarian for A Whole Month And Here's What I Learned
As a meat-loving carnivore with a quiet disdain for anyone who willingly substitutes beef for Quorn, I think it’s fair to say I was weary of quitting my delicious, beloved meat for an entire month...
Pretty Pitaya: The Latest Breakfast Trend You Need To Try Right Now
It used to be that we’d strategically place slices of juicy orange mango, bright golden green kiwi, honey-hued bee pollen and the passionate red of strawberries to cover the distinctly boring aesthetic of the pallid porridge oats that lay beneath...
10 Of The Best Gluten-Free Cookbooks
Whether you're a seasoned coeliac, recently diagnosed or just trying out the gluten-free lifestyle here are 10 of the best gluten-free cookbook you should have in your kitchen.
100 Low-calorie Snacks Under 100 Calories
100 Low-calorie Snacks Under 100 Calories
7 Healthy Meal-Prep Ideas You Won't Get Bored Of
Anyone who has tried meal prepping knows how boring it is. Seriously, how can someone eat grilled chicken breasts and steamed broccoli for seven days straight? But believe it or not, prepped meals...
10 Healthy Curry Recipes You Can Enjoy Guilt-Free!
There’s nothing like a good curry, all that flavour, spice and colour makes for a tasty dish and a cheeky treat on a Friday night. But curries don't have to be a guilty pleasure anymore! With these 10 healthy curries...
Fried Flowers & Braised Squirrel? 10 Unusual Foods To Try Before You Die
You can't spend the rest of your life eating the same old mundane meals. Be a little adventurous with your tastebuds. How else are you going to find out how good cow's stomach lining and chicken feet taste? We say, try before you judge ladies...
10 Healthy & Delicious Ways to Cook with Shirataki Miracle Noodles
If you haven't already heard of Miracle Noodles, you're missing out. Low carbs, low calories and gluten-free? Count me in! Thanks to Cassey Ho of Blogilates.com, this pasta-loving girl finally found a way to enjoy her favourite food in a healthy way...
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