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Aldi Is Selling A Super-cheap 24-glass Bottle of Prosecco This Christmas
'Tis soon the season to be jolly so good job then that one of the best bargain supermarkets is taking care of all of our merry needs come this Christmas - which is a mere 15 Fridays away FYI.
It Turns Out Prosecco Is Rotting Your Teeth
If you've a penchant for prosecco, you might want to re-think that next glass because experts are warning that our obsession with the clear fizz is a having terrible impact on our dental health, giving us unsightly rotting gnashers being dubbed 'prosecco smile'...
Someone Has Created A Stranger Things Bar And It's Coming To The UK
October isn't all that far away and that means only one thing: no, not Halloween. No no no. Stranger Things is back for a second season after waiting a whole year to find out what's going to happen to that spunky group of pre-teens...
Your Favourite Drink Just Got Tastier Thanks To Marshmallow Gin
Forget all you know about gin because the favourite spirit among us Brits has just been given a super-sweet make-over just in time for Fri-yay and we're 100 per cent here for it. Prepare to swap your humble G&T for a combination Willy Wonka would approve of this weekend...
Pink Tequila Is Here To Make Your Shots Instagrammable
There comes a point in every night out when you convince yourself that the only way to crank the fun level up is by yelling 'SHOTS!' to any of your mates who'll listen. Nine times out of ten this leads to you ordering a round of the potent drink, much to the secret joy of your gang...
Gin Fans Rejoice: You Can Now Get G&Ts Delivered Right To Your Door!
Forget the inflatable unicorns and overpriced Mr Whippy because what summer is really about, is an ice cold beverage of the alcoholic kind. But we busy millennials just don't have the time to spare slicing, dicing and measuring up ingredients for that perfect gin and tonic...
Mulled Gin Will Get You Into The Festive Spirit, Quite Literally, This Christmas
With 140 days to go until Christmas, there's no time like the present to start thinking about the big day. Hell, we've barely had a summer and August feels more like autumn than autumn itself so it's no wonder we're counting down the days until the holiday season...
London's Most Instagrammable Bars
London's Most Instagrammable Bars
Lego Brick Burgers Now Exist & They Look Insane
Forget your beloved Big Mac 'cos there's a new burger in town, and it's taking us back to those good old days of making like Ed Sheeran and building Lego houses. Brick burgers have just made their way straight to the to
is hip to be sqaure...
Rosé Wine Jam Is Here To Spice Up Your Morning Toast
If there's on thing we love to see, it's the absolute saints that take it upon themselves to combine our favourite eats with our favourite drinks to create the ultimate mouth fodder. Food 2.0 if you will...
It Turns Out Your Favourite Fast Food Is Full Of Actual Sh*t
Last month we had the displeasure of informing you that the nation's favourite global coffee chains were found to have poo particles in their iced drinks. Now, an investigation by the same people...
There's Now An Underwater Winery In Croatia & You Can Visit It This Summer
Forget that all inclusive beach holiday you've been searching for, because if you love wine and are looking for your next wanderlust fix, we may have just found your idea of paradise. Croatia's first underwater winery is now open and it's the ultimate in travel goals...
This Is How Rainbow Unicorn Bagels Are Made

This UK Pizza Chain Is Selling A Mac And Cheese Stuffed Crust & We're Not Worthy
If you've ever thought your life is missing something, let me tell you that something could well have been Mac N Cheese stuffed crust pizza, but relax because it's here and it's ready to fill that carby-cheesy-shaped hole...
It Turns Out Your Favourite Coffee Is Full Of Sh*t
Pour yourself a big one coffee fiends because this news is hard to swallow: a recent investigation by the BBC found poo particles in drinks of three of the biggest global coffee chains. If that's not enough to convince you to curb your caffeine habit, we don't know what is...
Unicorn Tear Gin Is Here To Make Your G&T Magical AF
If you've ever day dreamed about what unicorn tears taste like, wonder no more because they now exist in gin form and we can't act cool about it. Take your unhealthy obsession with the mythical creature...
A Waitress Used A Hot Dog As A Tampon Then Watched A Customer Eat It
If recent events haven't been enough to make you want to stop the world and get off, this story will. If you're partial to hot dog or two and you're reading this, it's too late. This is the tale of a diner waitress who got so p*ssed off with a customer...
Aldi Is Selling One Of The Best Rosé Wines In The World For Just £5.99
Fans of the fizzy pink stuff, get ready to raise a glass because our wishes for a budget-friendly bottle that's as good as the expensive versions is finally here. And it's got the prize to prove it...
You're A Psychopath If You Love Gin, Apparently
If gin features, in any way, in your favourite drink, you're a loony. That's according to a new study which will no doubt shatter the drunken dreams of G&T lovers everywhere. Boffins from Innsbruck University...
Who Needs Humans? You Can Now Have Afternoon Tea With Your Pooch
Have you ever been chowing down on a cream cheese and cucumber sandwich at a fancy afternoon tea, looked over at your best friend and thought, 'I wish my beloved pug pup was here guzzling finger sandwiches with me instead of you'...
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