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You’ve heard it before, you are what you eat! To stay healthy, we need our recommended daily amounts of macronutrients (protein, fats and carbs) but your diet should also provide you with micronutrients (vitamins and minerals)...
Eating organic
Organic is a big business, and while organic produce is no doubt better for the environment, is it better for our health? We take a closer look.
Stretch marks
Stretch marks are visible scars on the skin which usually occur during the big hormonal changes that mark a woman’s life (puberty, pregnancy and the menopause). Stretch marks are often unsightly, but they do eventually smooth out...
Dancing isn't all ballet and leotards any more: more accessible and varied forms of dancing are great forms of exercise with multiple benefits.
Choosing a gym
Joining a gym is a huge investment as well as a long-term commitment, so don't make your decision lightly: shop around to find the right place for you. Pop into gyms and fitness centres to compare their offers and use the following criteria to help you...
Choosing sports shoes
Exercise requires the right type of sports shoes. Selecting the right pair will help to absorb shocks, protect your back and joints, and avoid injuries. Here's our advice.
Calories in nibbles and apéritif
Snacks, nibbles, finger food and drinks can make the apéritif stage of a party or night out a diet disaster. Here's the damage...
Articifial sweeteners
Artificial sweeteners are additives found in foods such as sweets, cakes, soda and dairy products. They are being used more and more to give foods added sweetness without the calories of sugar, but they are controversial...
Calories in meat
It's a common myth that meat makes you fat. Some types of meat, particularly ones that are high in saturated fat, should be eaten in moderation, but many meats are low in fat and high in good quality protein, making them good for your health and your waistline...
Watching your weight
Your weight graph is an essential tool to use if you're trying to lose weight. It allows you to see at a glance the progression of your weight in order to readjust your diet if you need to and have a better control of your diet and fitness...
Just like a balanced diet, exercise is a key part of a healthy lifestyle. Our guide to getting active.
Calories in bread
Bread does not make you fat; quite the opposite, in fact. It's high in fibre, carbs, Vitamin B and minerals, and good for both health and weight loss. As long as you choose wisely from the multiple varieties available in bakeries and supermarkets, you can enjoy bread with a clear conscience...
Reduced fat, low calorie and sugarfree products
Light versions of products that are bad for your waistline may be low in fat or sugar, low in both fat and sugar, or just low in calories. According to regulations, for a product to be labelled ‘low fat’ or ‘sugarfree’ it needs to contain at least 25% less than the original...
Yo-yo Dieting
You hear the term yo-yo dieting batted around a lot in the health and fitness world but what does it actually mean?
Stretching is a gentle form of exercise which helps flexibility and strengthens the whole body, delaying the effects of ageing and bringing about wellbeing and relaxation.
Sports injuries
Ever struggled to climb the stairs after a session at the gym, suffered from pulled muscles, cramp, tendonitis or a painful stitch? No pain, no gain? These are the body's natural reactions to exercise, but aches and pains can be reduced with a few simple measures...
Omega 3
What are Omega 3s, what do they do and where can you find them? Here's our guide to these essential nutrients and where to find them.
Gentle exercise
Gentle forms of exercises have been in vogue for a few years now and have changed the way we think about exercise. Unlike pounding the pavements, gentle forms of exercise come without shocks and impacts to the body and are accessible to all (the elderly, tired, unfit and stressed!)...
Sports nutrition
If you exercise lots, you have different energy and nutritional needs than someone who is sedentary. Your needs will vary according to the frequence and intensity of the exercise you do. Here’s a guide to sports nutrition...
10 minutes' exercise a day
The golden rule for a firm bod is regular exercise. You don't have to spend hours working out: 10 minutes a day is all it takes! A 10-minute workout is easy to fit into your day and can tone you up fast...
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