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Self-massage: a few simple steps
Easy self massage
Alcohol depression: How to get over the post boozing blues
Getting over alcohol depression
Diabulimia Is The 'World's Most Dangerous Eating Disorder' You Probably Don't Know About
Most people are familiar with the most common types of eating disorders - anorexia nervosa and bulimia - but there's a new breed threatening the lives of up to 40% of women aged between 15 and 30 living with type 1 diabetes...
Bad News Gym Bunnies, Working Out Is Giving You Wrinkles
Guys, brace yourselves for some news that will make you hate the gym even more (sorry): it could be causing irreversible damage to your face. Yep, while a workout is amazing for your body and brain, it's one of the main culprits when it comes to acne and wrinkles...
Unbelievably, Half Of Men Don't Know Where The Vagina Is
In today's men-are-the-worst news, a new study has found that 50% of biological males can't locate the main female sex organ on a human body which is all sorts of worrying.
This Morning Viewers Moved To Tears By Show's Former Producer Left Paralysed By Severe Nut Allergy
This Morning viewers and presenters alike were left moved by Monday morning's episode which featured an emotional reunion with the show's former producer Amy Shead who's been left permanently brain damaged and paralysed due to suffering a severe allergic reaction in 2014...
Meet The Woman Born Without A Vagina
Kaylee Moats was born with a condition that effects only 1 in 5,000 newborn girls - she is without genitals which means she's yet to have a period or sex, at the age of 22. Now, a GoFundMe page has been set up in her honour...
Positive Quotes To Get You Through Your Day
Positive Quotes To Get You Through Your Day
Unicorn Menstrual Cups Could Convince You To Never Buy Another Tampon Again
It's popular opinion that making menstruating women pay tax on sanitary products is a great injustice. Most recently, Tesco announced plans to cough up this tax on behalf of the customer, making tampons...
A Bad Night's Sleep Could Be The Reason You're Gaining Weight
There's nothing worse than counting down the hours until you're safely tucked up in your bed only for you to be tossing and turning, unable to drift off, when you finally get there. As if the inevitable tiredness and resultant bad mood aren't enough to contend with...
A Teenager Sh*t Herself In Public After White Stuff Store Refused Access To Their Toilet
When you need to go, you need to go. We've all experienced the desperation of busting for a wee - just look at the girls' toilet queue in any nightclub on a Saturday night - but can you imagine the...
34 Yoga Quotes To Inspire That Downward Dog
If life (work, social plans, texting everyone back) is leaving you feeling *frazzled*, yoga could be just the calm you're searching for. But if you've ever been hesitant to start your yogi life for...
Woman Posts Inspiring Before & After Pictures Of Her Heroin Addiction To Help Others
Everyone who has ever suffered with addiction knows that bad habits are hard to kick. And those close to someone who has suffered with addiction know this just as well. Melissa Lee Mantos was all too aware of how her addiction affected both her and her family...
This Woman's Side-By-Side Photos Show Endometriosis Is 'No Joke'
Endometriosis isn't the enigma it once was thanks to the likes of Lena Dunham, Halsey and Julianne Hough, but it's still a condition that many of us don't understand. But Thessy Kouzoukas is opening...
There's An App That Texts You To Stop Drinking Like A Moaning Parent
A new Australian app promises to help you curb your hangovers by sending you regular text messages on your night out that replicate the naggy texts your mum sends when she expects you home and in bed by 10pm...
Doctors Remove 27 Contact Lenses From Pensioner's Eye
Most contact lens-wearers are all too familiar with the painful consequences of forgetting to remove them pre-disco nap or post night-out. But spare a thought for this 67-year-old woman whom doctors...
Study Shows That Being Hangry Is Actually A Real Thing
It's a study that should have been at the forefront of scientific research if you ask us, but maybe that's just because we haven't had our afternoon snack yet. Research has uncovered that the great hangry myth is, in fact, no myth at all - people really do get angry when they're hungry...
This Woman Got Real About Her Two Stone Weight Gain & It's Inspiring AF
Considering the gazillion transformation photos flooding our Instagram feeds each day, we have to admit it's rare that they ever actually inspire us to put down that slice of pizza and put the gym membership to good use...
Scotland Is Giving Women On The Poverty Line Free Tampons
In a world where we women are required to pay tax on vital hygiene products, it's refreshing to hear news of an initiative that's attempting to make the time of the month more affordable for those who struggle to make ends meet...
Unprotected Oral Sex Is Leading To A Rise In Untreatable STDs
It's easy to forget that using protection when it comes to sex isn't just to prevent you getting pregnant, but also to stop you getting an STI. Which means that your protection can't just be limited to condoms - you gotta get out those dental dams, ladies...
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