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This Mum Was Left Paralysed After An Orgasm Led To A Brain Haemorrhage
There are plenty of things that you just don't want to happen when you're getting fresh: losing 'momentum', accidentally spotting yourself in the mirror at an unflattering angle, falling asleep, losing something important in an orifice...
People Are Getting Massaged With Knives As A Stress Reliever
The latest massage craze is here and it's not for the faint-hearted: in Taipei, Taiwan, customers are visiting masseuse Hsiao Mei Fang to get one of her famed knife massages. Yep, ya heard. Fang uses meat cleavers as part of her relaxing treatment...
This Drug-Free Miracle Gel Could Be The Answer To All Your IBS Struggles
If you're an IBS sufferer, you'll know the anxiety of being 10 yards away from a toilet all too well. You can't even mention bread or cheese without breaking into the panic sweats and your tummy gurgles at the very sniff of coffee...
Bottoms Up! Gin Could Be The New Miracle Cure For Hay Fever
We love us some summer, but the excuse to eat as much ice cream as we want whenever we want comes at a hefty price for a large majority of the population, who are unfortunate enough to suffer from hay fever...
Women Are Piping Ozone Gas Into Their Vaginas And It Could Kill You
While it's positive progress that women are being increasingly encouraged to take care of their vaginal well being, we can't help but think some people are taking advantage of us by commodifying our precious pussies...
Apparently There Are Only 5 Types Of Vagina - Which One Do You Have?
The rise of beautifying our lady gardens beyond regular trims has reached its peak with more women than ever being encouraged to treat their vaginas with the same amount of tender, loving care as we do the skin on our faces...
The Rash From This Woman's Bra Turned Out To Be Stage 4 Breast Cancer
When Jennifer Cordts first noticed a red sunburn-like rash on her breast in 2015, she thought it would be best to get a mammogram to double check. Her test came back normal but after Googling her symptoms - as we all do - but she never expected to hear the words stage 4 inflammatory breast cancer...
People Are Putting Wasp Nests Up Their Vaginas 'To Improve Their Sex Lives'
We're almost halfway through the year and just when you were thinking we'd reached peak 2017 when vegan bloggers started advising (and encouraging) women to stop their periods, I bring you news of a female health trend that trumps that...
How I Turned My Spa-phobic Boyfriend Into A Massage Fanatic
Going to a spa retreat is one of those things you always want to do as a couple but what if your boyfriend is seriously freaked out by being touched by a stranger. There's nothing manly about feeling relaxed...
Do Tequila Plants Really Hold The Key To Strong Bones?
That Sunday-morning regret of having downed too many tequila slammers the night before is an all-too familiar feeling for some of us. But what if we told you that while the Mexican spirit shots may resign you to a Sunday spent in bed feeling sorry for yourself...
A Gym Has Started Napping Classes To Save Tired Parents
Have you ever looked at a class at the gym and thought, "No matter who else is in that class, I would be the best." No, neither have we - UNTIL NOW. One gym - also known as our new favourite gym - has started running napping classes and we know it was made for us...
This Woman Was Blinded By Her Contact Lenses
For plenty of people, contact lenses are a necessary part of life. They are notoriously fiddly, not to mention hard to get used to. And bloody hell, don't ever leave them in over night, or there'll be hell to pay...
Diet Coke Might Have Zero Calories But It's Making You Mad, Apparently
Diet Coke is considered a life saver to myself and - I predict - much of the employed population. The can't-quite-describe-it-tasting dark stuff fills the void made by the absence of sleep and snacks but what if I told you your DC addiction is making you mad...
There's A Real-life Wine Therapy Spa And We've Already Packed Our Bags
When you ask a woman what is most precious to her in the world, she will answer with two things: wine first, and spa days second. We can't help it, they are what we love and cherish dearly - it's just in our DNA...
The Japanese Adult Wrapping Trend Is As Terrifying As It Sounds
*Warning* those suffering with claustrophobia should proceed with caution, because this is the stuff of nightmares. We get it, the Japanese like to get innovative with their products and we thank them daily for inventing that pretty rose cleanser...
A Feminine Hygiene Brand Is Donating 200,000 Sanitary Products To Help Combat Period Poverty
Teenage girls are fashioning tampons out of socks and tissues because they can't afford proper sanitary products, it was found last week. In light of the so-called 'period poverty' epidemic, one feminine hygiene brand is donating 200,000 to those in need in the hope of combating the issue...
Teenage Girls Are Making Make-shift Tampons Out Of Socks Because They Can't Afford To Buy Them
A shocking new discovery has revealed young girls are skipping school during their periods because they can't afford to buy sanitary products, forcing them to fashion make-shift tampons and sanitary towels out of things they already own...
This Woman's Smart Phone Burned Her Boob And It Should Be A Lesson To Us All
A mother-of-one is warning women everywhere to not keep their phones in their bras after her Samsung Galaxy S7 handset scarred her boob with a nasty-looking 'hot and seeping wound'. Georgie Tufnail's smart phone burned the skin off her left breast...
You Can Now Clone Your Own Vagina Because It's 2017 And This Is The Kinda Body Confidence We Live For
You may consider yourself a body-confident, sassy, babin' empowered female but erm, have you even cloned your lady garden though? Yep, setting your vagina in silicone and framing it for your father-in-law and all to see is now a thing and tbh, we're totally for it...
Can You Really Learn How To Be Happy? Apparently, You Can!
For some of us, happiness is found in the simplest of life’s pleasures: like watching Trolls for the 15th time, or eating a Creme egg without interruptions. But for others, ‘turn that frown upside down’ is a phrase they’re all too tired of hearing...
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