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Can't Stop Lighting Up? How To Quit Social Smoking Once And For All
If you're a part-time puffer who can't resist lighting up when you're out, it's time to face up to your social-smoking habits. We're all aware of the dangers (cigarette packs hardly sugarcoat the outcome nowadays) but what actually gives us that unyielding urge to smoke when we're around others...
Is Snoring Ruining Your Relationship? 10 Ways To Stop Him Snoring For Good
Are you tugging and rolling in bed? Putting a pillow over your head? Sleeping in separate beds? There’s no doubt that loud, hoarse breathing while you’re trying to sleep is anything but soothing to the ear...
National Eating Disorder Awareness Week: Support The Cause
It’s Eating Disorder Awareness Week, so now more than ever, we all need to know the facts about this health problem that affects millions. Every eating disorder is should be taken seriously and needs to be handled with compassion...
Crazy Sex, More Energy & A Healthy Heart: 10 Amazing Benefits Of Chocolate
Got an out-of-control addiction to chocolate? There's no need to beat yourself up. Especially when it is National Chocolate Week! Not when your habit can actually be good for you! After chatting with cocoa experts...
Chocolate Or Your Boyfriend: Which One Will You Love For Longer?
Boyfriend just dumped you? Your other half being a pain? Feeling a bit lonely and out of control? There’s only one thing better than love. Chocolate. Gooey, rich, decadent chocolate. Nothing compares to scoffing down a box chocolates when we’re feeling a bit under the weather...
The Amazing Health Benefits of Manuka Honey
Anything as delicious as honey has gotta be bad for your health right? Not Manuka honey! It has powerful anti-viral, anti-septic and gut controlling properties which means that spoonfeeding ourselves with this sweet stuff is no longer on our list of guilty pleasures...
On Your Marks, Get Set, Go! Training Tips For Your First Half Marathon
Have you decided to take the plunge and train for your first half marathon? We salute you for bucking up the courage and signing up, because once you're in gals, there's no turning back. First-timers always have tons of questions on how best to prepare for their first half...
7 Ways to keep your heart healthy and happy
Your heart is one impressive organ pumping 2,000 gallons of blood per day. As women age, we are far more likely to develop heart disease than breast cancer (3 times more likely!) yet most women don't do enough to safeguard their heart...
Look Younger, Lose Weight & Relax: The 12 Surprising Health Benefits Of Green Tea
We’re guessing that if you’re reading this, you’ve heard about the ‘magical’ powers of green tea to transform your latte-ridden behind into a detoxified temple, right? Right. Green tea has long been used...
5 Ways To Gain More Confidence
Self-confidence varies from one person to another. While some have no problem glowing with confidence no matter what they're wearing or what they're doing, others struggle to feel good about themselves even when they are dressed to the nines...
Food revolution: How to eat clean for life
Be a clean eating champion and change your eating habits for life...
Your essential vitamins list to see you through the winter
These must-have vitamins will help you tackle your winter cold - so stock up on these essential medicine cabinet buys.
Stopping smoking | stop smoking tips
Want to stop smoking but don't know how? Check out these expert tips to help you quit.
How tired are you? Suffering with sleeping problems
How much sleep did you get last night? Five hours? Six hours? Or were you one of the few lucky ones who got a full eight? Most of us can’t remember the last time we had an uninterrupted, restful night’s sleep, waking up feeling invigorated and full of energy...
10 Things Every Contact Lens Wearer Should Know
What’s the most important but most overlooked part of our bodies? Yep it’s our eyes. But seeing as there are around 3.7 million contact lens wearers in the UK alone, you’d think that we’d know more about taking care of them? We looked into the 10 things every contact lens wearer should know...
The secrets to sun safety
The sun is FINALLY out! But not to be buzz-kills, this is when you really need to think about your health. So here's what the experts suggest.
Hay fever survival guide
This summer doesn't have to be like the rest, our quick guide will give you all the tools you need to manage your symptoms and understand your allergies!
How to speed up your metabolism and lose weight fast
Want to know how to lose the maximum amount of weight with the least effort? Start by boosting your metabolism!
How to tone your thighs - exercises for super toned thighs
Having a good pair of legs is always a bonus, so if you want to get those thighs toned and trim, read on.
Essential reasons to take your lunch break
Never got time to take that lunch break? Here's why that needs to change!
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