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Digestion is so much more than just a simple tube that filters our food and feeds our bodies. Check out how digestion works and how to improve digestive health.
How to handle aggression
It’s not always easy to stay calm in a tailback or neverending queue without losing your cool. We encounter stressful situations every day, though, so instead of doing a Naomi we have to learn how to control and manage aggression to make life easier...
True friendship
You may have a total of 103 friends on Facebook, but can you really say that you have 103 true friends? Probably not. Among those workmates, cousins, holiday acquaintances, old school friends, childhood friends and your dance teacher, it needs some sorting...
The spa
Head to the spa for relaxation, comfort and wellbeing all under one roof! Here's our guide to the spa.
Jealousy in friendship
Jealousy doesn't just exist in love! It can crop up in friendships and be just as destructive. Here's our advice on understanding and preventing jealousy.
How to get the most out of your sauna
The tradition of sauna was born in Scandinavia 2000 years ago, and has little by little invaded our spas, gyms and beauty therapy centres, as well as (for the lucky ones) in homes. A sauna is a bath of dry steam with numerous benefits - as long as you do it the right way...
Transactional analysis (TA)
Transactional analysis (TA) is a psychoanalytic form of psychology developed by the American psychiatrist Eric Berne in the 1950s, based on his published theory of communication and personality. It is used in private practice and self-help...
How to get rid of guilt
Guilt remains a central topic of psychoanalysis. We all feel it at one moment or another, at different levels. Why? Can it be escaped? How do you feel the weight of guilt? Here are some answers.
Tantric massage
Need to awaken your sensuality, heighten your senses, and make your sex life more erotic? Discover this massage where letting yourself go slowly opens doors to pleasure...
Bacterial Vaginosis | It's not thrush, it's BV
Aka: BV
How to be less selfish
Everyone agrees that selfishness is not a good characteristic and that we should think about other people. Before trying to fix it, first we should understand where selfishness comes from and what causes us to act selfishly...
How to be a good listener
Listening is the foundation for all human relationships and shows respect for someone, and it can also help with psychological problems. Here's our guide to being a good listener.
What nightmares mean
Sometimes nightmares take hold and disturb our dreams, making us agitated, anxious and they stop us from getting our vital beauty sleep. Where do they come from? Do they have a particular meaning?
How to beat stress
Modern life demands we juggle many different responsibilities in our working and family lives: career progression, education concerns, childcare etc. While a certain amount of stress can be useful as a motivator...
Expressive art therapy
Expressive therapy is a type of psychotherapy that uses artistic creation to enable people to express, liberate and change themselves. Through painting, music, dance or sculpture, patients use art as a self-help therapy...
Yoga was born in India. The discipline of yoga is intended for meditation and spiritual asceticism, unifying the body and the mind. A relatively recent craze in the West, yoga has enjoyed unprecedented success in reecent years, mainly thanks to its many celebrity followers...
5 Ways To Gain More Confidence
Self-confidence varies from one person to another. While some have no problem glowing with confidence no matter what they're wearing or what they're doing, others struggle to feel good about themselves even when they are dressed to the nines...
Massage therapy benefits
As the name suggests, massage therapy is a practice that includes several massage techniques, allowing muscles to relax, as well as encouraging relaxation for both body and mind.
How to treat mouth ulcers
Ouch, mouth ulcers are the worst. Nasty painful little blights on the inside of your mouth which ache and irritate.
How to deal with your period
Most of us can remember where we were when we got our first period. It’s one of those life-changing moments. And then it turns into one of those month-changing moments. A regular annoyance that we soon get used to, but never quite stop moaning about...
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