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Ways to induce labour: a practical guide to inducing labour
From sex and curry to a cervical sweep, there are a number of ways to induce labour. But which ones really work, what are the risks involved, and which - if any - should you consider?
Hypnobirthing | Natal-hypnotherapy
Hypnobirthing techniques (i.e. Natal Hypnotherapy™, The Mongan Method, etc.) help women to prepare emotionally, physically and mentally for birth and aim to help them get through the birth without the use of drugs...
A difficult mother daughter relationship?
She's your mother, you're her daughter - your relationship should be simple. But the average mother daughter relationship is anything but!
Getting back in shape after pregnancy
Find out what you should be doing over the weeks following the birth of your baby to help you get back on form and in shape.
Analysing children's drawings
When children draw, they carefully choose their materials, crayons, colours, patterns, plus the size and position of what they want to draw. Children's drawings are unique and can give us precise information about the young artist...
​Time To Call The Midwife: The Ultimate Guide To Your All Your Antenatal Check-ups
It’s been a long time since women would go through pregnancy without a single medical check up, which seems kind of crazy now. These days, when you’re expecting a baby, it’s a closely monitored period, sprinkled with regular check-ups...
The sixth month of pregnancy
When you’re six months pregnant, your baby measures about 22cm from head to tailbone, weighs 700g, and is considered viable, meaning he/she could theoretically survive outside the womb. You may start experiencing contractions, and start to feel the weight of your stomach on your back and legs...
Hyperactivity in children
Is your child a little monster, leaping all over the place, shouting, struggling to concentrate and learn to read? Your child could be hyperactive. It’s difficult for both the child and their family to live with...
Pocket money
Is pocket money a good idea? How much should you give your children? All parents ask themselves these questions... here's a quick guide.
Ultrasound scans
Read up on how an ultrasound scan is performed and when you should have one.
Breech birth
At birth, almost 95% of babies are positioned headfirst, which makes delivery easier. But for 2 to 3% of births, the baby is positioned feet first: this is known as a breech birth.
How To Calculate Your Ovulation Date
Knowing your ovulation date increases your chances of falling pregnant. Here’s our guide to calculating it.
The Second Month Of Pregnancy
You now know that you’re pregnant and have had all the necessary tests. Here's what to expect in the second month of pregnancy.
Very Early Signs Of Pregnancy | First Signs Of Pregnancy
If you're trying to get pregnant, or have the sneaking suspicion that you might be after having unprotected sex, there are tell-tale signs of very early pregnancy that you can watch out for before you even do a pregnancy test...
The eighth month of pregnancy
You’re on the home straight! At this stage, baby is gradually preparing for his or her entry into the big wide world. The last trimester is full of events…
Trying to Conceive? Here's How to Maximise Your Chances of Having a Baby
Decided to try for a baby? You and your partner might need to make some healthy adjustments to your lifestyle and eating habits before you start trying to conceive. From nutritional advice to acupuncture, here's 10 top tips to help you maximise your chances of having a baby...
The First Month Of Pregnancy
You have a few of the initial signs of pregnancy but you’re not starting to show yet. During this first month, a lot of changes will take place and you’ll need to pay attention to a few points.
A frequent phenomenon that affects 15 to 20% of women, a miscarriage is a painful experience. What are the signs and causes? Can it be avoided, and how do you bounce back after a spontaneous abortion?
Can You Predict The Sex Of Your Baby? We Put These Theories To The Test
To keep the sex of your baby a mystery until the birth is one of the biggest exercises in self restraint known to man. It’s an impressive feat. Everything you buy has to be gender neutral and, let’s face it, you always have a favourite sex in mind...
The seventh month of pregnancy
During the seventh month of pregnancy, the fetus’s senses are awakened. While you’re in more and more need of rest, baby continues to develop. This is a time for parents-to-be to prepare for the birth and learn how to communicate with their child...
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