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Premature babies

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A premature baby is born before the expected date, which means before 37-41 weeks. Here's our guide to premature births. Factors in premature birth There are factors which can...


The umbilical cord

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The umbilical cord is cut at birth. What purpose does it serve? When and how is it cut? Is it true that the father can do it? Here are the answers to your questions about the...


Inducing labour

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There are many reasons why doctors induce labour: for medical reasons, because your pregnancy has come full term, or personal choice (you or your doctor think it best to induce)...


After the birth

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When your baby is born, tests and examinations will be carried out on you and your baby to make sure all is well. Make the most of the first precious few days of motherhood to...


Breech birth

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At birth, almost 95% of babies are positioned headfirst, which makes delivery easier. But for 2 to 3% of births, the baby is positioned feet first: this is known as a breech birth...