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50 hairstyles for bridesmaids: Wedding inspiration

Home / Beauty / Hair / 50 hairstyles for bridesmaids: Wedding inspiration

Organising a wedding can be chaotic enough without the bridesmaids squabbling over tresses and dresses. To avoid any hair-related drama we've rounded up 50 of the hottest hairstyles...


The Ultimate Mid Length Hairstyles

Home / Beauty / Hair / Medium Length Hairstyles

Mid length, medium long, in between or growing out - whatever you call these hairstyles, they've got one thing in common: style.Not only are these mid length hairstyles low mainte...


100 Short Choppy Hairstyles To Inspire Your Next Cut

Home / Beauty / Hair / Short Choppy Hairstyles

Whether it's a pixie cut, a crop or a bob, these short, choppy hairstyles are all showstoppers!These short looks can instantly go from dainty and girly to edgy and fierce. All...


Pictures Of Hairstyles For Short Hair

Home / Beauty / Hair / Hairstyles for Short Hair

Thinking of getting your hair cut shorter than short? Then check out these edgy hairstyles for instant short hair inspiration. From wild girl bobs to pixie crops, gamine shapes...


Wedding hair: wedding hairstyles, bride hair ideas

Home / Beauty / Hair / Wedding hairstyles 2014

Wedding hairstyles 2014 for long hair © Great Lengths Great Lengths


Medium Length Hairstyles: Ideas And Inspiration

Home / Beauty / Hair / Medium Length Hairstyles Ideas

Who said in-between lengths had to be a hair 'mare? We're all for a hot mid length hairstyle - and we've got the pics to prove it.We've rounded up some of the hottest hairstyles...


All Cheryl Cole Hairstyles

Home / Beauty / Hair / Cheryl Cole hair

We love Cheryl Cole's masses of gorgeous hair (even if she does have a bit of help!), but she wasn't always a winner in the hairstyle stakes. Check out Cheryl Cole's hairstyle history...


Jennifer Lawrence Hair: Her Ever-Changing Locks

Home / Beauty / Hair / Jennifer Lawrence hair: Action girl locks

Jennifer Lawrence is a rising Hollywood star - but she's a real girl at heart!That being said Jennifer Lawrence's hair is all kinds of brave - she's rocked everything from blonde...


Zooey Deschanel hair style history: Block fringe bonanza

Home / Beauty / Hair / Zooey Deschanel hairstyles

Zooey Deschanel knows a good thing when she sees it - and her blunt fringe and tousled jet black locks are just that.While her range of hairstyles are modest to say the least...


Jessica Alba Hairstyles 2015

Home / Beauty / Hair / Jessica Alba hair: Transforming tresses

Round here, we're kinda obsessed with Jessica Alba's hair. Sure, it's seen some bad days - hello peroxide 'do plus matching brows, we're lookin' at you - but in recent years Jessica...


Michelle Dockery hair history

Home / Beauty / Hair / Michelle Dockery hair history

Michelle Dockery is her own unique brand of British glam - and we've got serious hair envy.Best known for her role as Lady Mary Crawley in ITV's Downton Abbey, ever since she...


Hairstyles For Fine Hair

Home / Beauty / Hair / Hairstyles For Fine Hair

Too many people think having fine hair means thin hair, but that's a total myth. These hairstyles for fine hair can give you all the volume and depth you need!We spoke to Abby Swan...


100 Vintage Hairstyles That Are Still Chic

Home / Beauty / Hair

There are few things more glamorous than the screen sirens of old Hollywood and the first supermodels of our time. Not only did they hit the gene pool lottery, they gave us some...


Brunette celebrities: Celebs with brown hair

Home / Beauty / Hair / Brunette celebrities: Celebs with brown hair

Are these the hottest brunettes in celebland right now? We think so. From milk chocolate hues to caramel tones, midnight truffle and everything in-between this lot of brunette...


Hair styles 2016

Home / Beauty / Hair / Hair Styles 2016: Get A Hot New Hair Cut!

We are obsessed with what to do with our hair. So if you're looking for new hair styles for 2016 we have all the haircut ideas from the catwalk, the stylists, the leading salons...


Kim Kardashian Hair

Home / Beauty / Hair

With the cameras on her all the time, Kim Kardashian keeps her barnet looking good 24/7. And the latest look she's gone for is this new silver blonde look - a cooler, edgier version...


Celebrity dip dyed hair: Ombre hairstyles

Home / Beauty / Hair / Celebrity dip dye hair

Celebs are forever changing their hair, but we’re not complaining, they're a constant stream of hairspiration.At the moment we’re obsessed with dip dye hair (aka ombre hair) so...


Eyeliner trends: 52 new ways to wear eyeliner

Home / Beauty / Make up / Eyeliner trends: 50 new ways to do eyeliner

Eyeliner is one of the easiest ways to change up your look and this season there are more ways than one to wear it. From navy hues, to bright eyeliner stripes to cat-eye flicks...


Frankie Sandford hair: Her changing tresses

Home / Beauty / Hair / Frankie Sandford hair

Frankie Sandford (or Bridge- her married name) may be best known for her short hair look, but she has been know to experiment with hair extensions in the past.The Saturday star...


Hairstyles for centre partings: Straight down the middle

Home / Beauty / Hair / Hairstyles for centre partings: Straight down the middle

Wearing your tresses bang in the middle is anything but boring. This simple style has stuck around season after season and there’s more than one reason why.Apart from being low...