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This Sunset Eye Makeup Is Guaranteed To Cure Your Summer Blues
I don't know about you but I'm seriously struggling to come to terms with the fact summer is done for another year when it barely even arrived. But one thing that never fails to lift our spirits is makeup - and this one's a doozy...
#TreatYoself Pay Day Haul: Fashion, Beauty And Everything In Between
The best time of the month has finally arrived, when our bank accounts look happy again and we can live like ballers for a week. Ballers who buy their lunch instead of making it, don't feel guilty about that gel mani and no longer have to carefully scan the menu for the cheapest wine...
8 Of The Best Rose Fragrances: Rose-Based Perfumes
Rose fragrances may have a reputation as being a teeny bit outdated, but it's time to throw that thinking out the window. Get ready for your rosy re-education with our round up of the hottest rose fragrances...
Tried & Tested: The Ultimate Blow-Dry Spray
Nothing beats the perfect blow dry. It can take you from feeling dull and drab to fierce and fabulous in 30 minutes flat, but the luxury of having someone do this mundane task for you comes with a hefty salon price tag...
Bubble Brows Are The Latest Brow Trend Bursting Onto Instagram & We're Here For It
It feels like the product on our brows barely has a chance to dry before Instagram goes and brings us a new trend to replace it, and so is the case today. Meet bubble brows: the latest barmy look blowing up (sorry) our feeds courtesy of yet another makeup artist more talented than us...
No-Brows Brows Is The Latest Eyebrow Trend To Land In Time For Halloween
Rarely does a day go by without a beauty blogger putting their creative genius to the test to magic up a bold new, brow look, only for the makeup artists of Instagram to follow suit. While 2017 has seen...
This Model Recovered From Severe Alopecia To Become Rapunzel IRL
With hair being such a huge part of our identities, the thought of our precious lengths falling out and balding is a scary one, but with our stress and anxiety levels rising alopecia is more common than ever...
Is Studded Makeup The Edgiest Beauty Trend Of 2017 Or Ever?
They say eyes are the window to the soul, so with that in mind why not stick some spikes on your lids and mesmerise everyone you meet? That's what the make-up artists of Instagram anyway, and where the 'gram goes we (attempt to) follow...
Tried & Tested: The Facial SPF That Feels Like Velvet
We've all heard it before: sun damage is the biggest visible sign of ageing and yet so many of us don't include a facial SPF in our everyday skincare routine. Sure, we slather it on when we're on a sun...
This Crazy Pen Manicure Means You'll Literally Always Have A Pen To Hand
If you've ever found yourself in that fear inducing moment you really need to write something down - case in point: the man of your dreams' digits - but without a pen to hand, thank your lucky stars for...
Woman's Face Stained Pink After Applying 'Washable' Glitter Paint
We're all familiar with the term 'red-faced' but one girl's given the idiom a literal meaning after an unfortunate experience with body glitter. The Twitter user took to the social-networking site to...
This Model Is Making The Monobrow Cool
In non-ground-breaking news, bushy brows are still the eyebrow trend du jour - eight years after Cara Delevingne and her beautifully full brows burst onto the scene. But one model is championing even bushier brows, in an attempt to make the monobrow mainstream...
This Woman's Eyelash Extension Horror Story Is The Stuff Of Nightmares
If you're booked in to get eyelash extensions any time soon, you might want to sit this one out. This horror story of one woman's experience - at the hands of an unknown salon in Perth, Australia - is enough to persuade you never to mess with your looks again...
Tried & Tested: The 100% Natural 5 Minute Miracle Mask
Natural beauty is a fast-growing industry. Just as our food choices are becoming 'cleaner' so too are our skincare and cosmetic options with beauty lovers turning to organic products to ensure their skin is as chemical free as their courgetti...
Upside Down Lashes Are The Latest Loony Instagram Craze We Hope Doesn't Catch On
You can barely bat an eyelid these days without a bizarre beauty trend making itself known. In the world of beauty bloggers and Instagram, we're constantly 'blessed' with all sorts of weird and wonderful ways to mix up our makeup routines...
Hairy Selfie Nail Art Is Here To Inspire Your Monday Manicure
Just when you thought the selfie phenomenon had died a death in 2016, along comes the most narcissistic nail-art trend yet. Why plaster your mug all over your Instagram feed when you can admire your beauty - natural and made up - on all of your ten digits all day, every day...
Guys Are Giving Their Balls Botox - Or Scrotox - Because Their Testicles Want Eternal Youth, Too
As one could probably gather, the male (and female) genitalia age just like the rest of us, meaning that fine lines and wrinkles will one day take over your testicles and your labia. What. A. Joy. But...
McDonald's Brows Is The Perfect Response To Extreme Eyebrow Trends And We're Lovin' It
Rarely a day goes by without a new bizarre brow trend 'blessing' our Instagram feeds with its presence but it's not just us non-bloggers who are sick of the sight of these creative and often downright stupid fads...
U-Turn Brows Are The Grossest Eyebrow Trend Yet
Just when you thought we'd reached peak eyebrow trends with the arrival of braided brows, brace yourselves for what's quite possibly the worst eyebrow evolution in the history of beauty blogging. Enter: u-turn brows...
People On Instagram Are Dipping Their Tongues In Glitter And It Looks Cool AF
If you've already shocked your nan with that nipple piercing and tattoo, meet your next daring beauty venture to make her choke on her tea: the glitter tongue. Just as out there as it sounds, people are literally covering the insides of their gob with glitter...
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