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This Crazy Pen Manicure Means You'll Literally Always Have A Pen To Hand
If you've ever found yourself in that fear inducing moment you really need to write something down - case in point: the man of your dreams' digits - but without a pen to hand, thank your lucky stars...
This Model Is Making The Monobrow Cool
In non-ground-breaking news, bushy brows are still the eyebrow trend du jour - eight years after Cara Delevingne and her beautifully full brows burst onto the scene. But one model is championing even bushier brows, in an attempt to make the monobrow mainstream...
Hairy Selfie Nail Art Is Here To Inspire Your Monday Manicure
Just when you thought the selfie phenomenon had died a death in 2016, along comes the most narcissistic nail-art trend yet. Why plaster your mug all over your Instagram feed when you can admire your beauty - natural and made up - on all of your ten digits all day, every day...
Paris Jackson Proudly Shares Close-Up Pictures Of Her Hairy Legs And We're Here For It
Summer may be on its way out but I'm convinced we still have a few weeks of bare-leg weather left before we're forced to banish our pins to the confines of skin-tight jeans when winter, no doubt prematurely, sets in...
This 3D Vagina Nail Art Is Giving 'Finger Banging' A Whole New Meaning
In today's beauty-gone-mad but super feminist news, I present to you: 3D vagina nail art. No, your eyes aren't deceiving you - women in America really are having life-like, mini versions of female genitals sculpted onto their nail beds at the appropriately-titled Finger Bang salon in Portland...
These LED Pierced Disco Nails Will Guarantee You Slay All Day
It's a known fact that everything is better lit up and sparkly. Case in point? The Eiffel Tower. And birthday cakes, of course! But can the same be said for our nails? The answer is yes actually, if this super sparkly set is anything to go by...
Microfeathering Is The New Eyebrow Treatment You Need To Know About
If you're forever scrolling Instagram in search of a new brow muse, it's time you called off the search because we've found it in brow wizard Kristie Streicher who counts the likes of Adele and Gwenyth Paltrow as fans of her amazing 'microfeathering' technique...
LED Disco Nails Are Here To Make Your Mani Lit
Another day, another new nail trend hitting our talons faster than you can say 'top coat.' And this one's a doozy. Meet LED disco nails, the disco ball nails that will make even the most boring week day feel like Saturday night...
This Woman Is Trying To Make 3D Tampon Nail Art Happen And It's Bloody Brilliant
Nail art trends come and go but rarely are they as ingenious as Annelies Hofmeyr's bloody tampon variety. The conceptual artist is trying to make the dreaded time of the month all that more bearable with her 3D manicure inspired by mother nature and tbh, it's bloody brilliant...
The Disturbing Reason Why Women Are Putting Glitter In Their Vaginas
While it's encouraging our vaginal health and wellbeing is becoming increasingly less of a taboo, it's given birth to some questionable - and dangerous - trends. We've come a long way since the days...
The Surprising Reason This Woman Got Tattoos To Replace Her Toenails
Sometimes the internet can be like one big game of Chinese whispers, and never more so than for this poor girl whose tattooed toes became one big butt of a joke. But now the tattooist responsible for the rose inkings is speaking out and hitting us with facts...
Toilet Paper Lip Art Is Here & It's Anything But Turd
In the latest 'unlikely household item to be used as a beauty essential' news, it's the humble toilet paper's time to shine. Yes you read that right, those paper thin sheets usually reserved for wiping our behinds are now making their way to our erm, lips...
Crumbs! Breadcrumb Brows Are Here And They're Making Us Feel Weird
Breadcrumb eyebrows. Not exactly two words you would ever expect to see in the same sentence but this is 2017 and this is where we're at. The following images may evoke the following feelings: 1. nausea and 2...
Fidget Spinner Toy Nails Are Here & They Look Insane
Fidget spinner nails are here and they've got us in a right er, spin. Inspired by the plastic toy craze currently sweeping every playground across the world, this spinning, springing, twisting manicure is like wearing a Bo
toy on your talons (remember those?)...
People Are Applying 100 Coats Of Nail Polish And It's Weirdly Satisfying To Watch
In 2017 when we'll accept nothing less than one hundred percent, beauty bloggers are taking this to unnecessary extremes, if the '100 layers of nail polish challenge' is anything to go by. Just as barmy as it sounds...
This Girl Hasn't Cut Her Nails In Years And They're Low-key Gross
Meet: Simone Taylor - a 16-year-old schoolgirl from Germany who believes 'life's too short not to have long nails'. The teenager has spent the last three years growing her talons which are now so...
The Best Beauty Tips Given To Daughters By Their Mothers
When it comes to life advice, there's no one we'd trust more than our lovely mums, they are the ones who know us best after all. But a new survey also shows we trust them best when it comes to beauty tips too...
This Nail Salon Is Charging 'Overweight' Customers More For Pedicures And People Are P*ssed
Welcome to 2017: the year beauty salons can justify charging 'overweight' people more than 'non-overweight' customers, apparently. One American nail salon is being rightfully trolled after one customer spotted a sign in its window which detailed the controversial policy...
9 Things You Never Knew About The Lush Factory
We were lucky enough to take a tour round the magical Lush Factory and yes we still smell like bath bombs a week later, not that we're complaining! Allow me to bring you the low down on what goes down during a day inside the sweet smellin' Lush world...
It's Time Your Bath Bomb Addiction Fizzled Out Because It's Ruining Your Vagina
IMHO a life without bath bombs is a life not worth living but new findings have shown that one of life's simple luxuries, while good for your Instagram page, can cause damage to your precious lady garden...
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