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PRP injections: The Kim Kardashian blood facial
PRP injections: The blood facial Kim Kardashian put to the test
The Scary Reason Vaginal Mesh Implant Surgery Is Putting Women At Serious Risk
While there are some things we can't control as we age - the menopause and everything going south - when it comes to our intimate health there's one complaint we can manage, and that's pelvic organ prolapse...
Girls As Young As Nine Want Cosmetic Surgery On Their Vaginas
Worryingly, it seems even children aren't immune to the pressure to look picture-perfect from head-to-toe as a leading gynaecology specialist has revealed GPs are referring a rising number of young girls who want their vaginas cosmetically enhanced because they 'hate' its natural appearance...
People Are Getting Nipple Tucks To Make Them More Protruding
Just when you thought we'd reached peak cosmetic surgery with designer vaginas, a top registered doctor has revealed women are becoming increasingly conscious about the appearance of their nipples...
This Man Has Spent Seven Years Transforming Himself Into A 'Human Platypus'
In a world where body modification knows no bounds, it's humanly possible to transform yourself into whatever your spirit animal may be but we reckon Jenya Bolotov is the most extreme living example of this...
Chrissy Teigen Fools Everyone Into Thinking She's Had Extensive Cosmetic Surgery
Just a week after Kim Kardashian proved herself to be just like me and you when photos showing her unphotoshopped backside in all its huge and cellulite-ridden glory emerged, Chrissy Teigen dropped...
This Is Why 'Chinplants' Are The New Boob Jobs
Have you ever stared long enough at your chin to think 'that could definitely do with a tweak'? Er no me either, but apparently a huge amount of people have and are going to extreme measures to trade in what they were blessed with to emulate their favourite celebrity's jawline instead...
Meet The Man Who's Splashed Out £50k To Become A Genderless Alien
We've seen men become cats and women become human barbies. We've seen Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian fans splashing the cash to look like their idols. But, you ain't seen nothing like Vinny Ohh before...
Could Feet Fillers Spell The End Of High Heel Pain?
Heels: they look hella hot but that comes at a price. How many nights of your life have been cut short due to unbearable pain caused by your favourite pair of sky-high stilettos? My guess is too many...
You Can Now Buy Anti-wrinkle Tape For Your Neck
Hello, this is the future calling! And boy do we have something that's going to make you explode with joy. See, we've had tape for your tits and tape for your face but how about this: tape for your neck...
We Tried The ChinUp Mask To See If It Can Really Get Rid of Your Double Chin
A double chin is something that plagues many of us. It's like you can't eat a cupcake without it going straight to your chin pillow. But what would you say if I told you that there was a way to stop that double trouble in its tracks? Here's what happened when I tried the new ChinUp Mask...
Review: We Tried The Tria 4X Laser Hair Removal Kit For Summer And This Is What We Thought
Summer is the one. It's all about bright mornings, long evenings and plenty of trips to the best beer gardens the UK has to offer. It's the only time of the year we can get our legs out. We can even wear vests and shorts with fli...
I Got My Teeth Professionally Whitened And This Is What Happened
Are you thinking about having your teeth whitened but worried about the effects a Hollywood smile could have on your teeth and gums? You're not the only one. And while home teeth whitening kits may help with discolouration...
50 Quotes To Boost Your Body Confidence
Women's relationships with their bodies can be tough but we're here to tell you that no matter who you are or how you feel, your body is something to be damn proud of and if you haven't realised it yet, these quotes will help...
23 Questions Everyone Has Probably Wondered About Boob Jobs, Answered
Even if you're not about to book in to get a boob job anytime soon, the chances are you've wondered how much these things cost and whether implants really can go bang. We have all the answers to the questions everyone has probably wondered about boob jobs right here...
Why I Kept My Cosmetic Surgery A Secret From My Husband
Getting work done is nothing to be ashamed about, so why do so many women choose to lie about their cosmetic surgery, or keep it a secret all together? One woman tells us why she won't be telling her husband about her anti-ageing formula anytime soon...
13 Things You Should Never Say To A Girl Who's Had Cosmetic Surgery
Having plastic surgery can be a personal subject but that doesn’t stop some people from giving their two cents. Here's a little check list of the things you should never say to a girl who's had cosmetic surgery...
Why Having a Tummy Tuck Gave Me The Confidence to Be a Better Mum
"Nobody is perfect but one thing is certain, my body finally feels like it's mine again and I love how good that feels." One woman opens up to us about why having a tummy tuck was the best thing she's ever done...
10 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Committing To Cosmetic Surgery
Going under the knife is a pretty big deal, not only is it going to cost you a bomb, it's going to alter your body in a big way. So if you're deliberating a nip and tuck or a cheeky lift, here are 10 things you need to consider...
10 Hacks For Instant Body Confidence
Being body confident is easier said than done. We all know we should love our bodies and all that but there's no point denying it - it can be really hard. Especially when we have to contend with celebrities and deal with stunning women all over our social media feeds but we are here to help...
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