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Palm reading | Palm readings | find out your future
Find out what your future holds with our palm reading tool...
Egyptian astrology
Discover your star sign in Egyptian astrology and see what it says about your character...
Colour Tarot
Find out about the significance of colour and its influence on you by drawing a tarot card...
Soulmates: How do you know if you are soulmates?
How do you know if your man is 'The One'? Hollywood psychic Victoria Bullis reveals the seven signs he's your soulmate.
Chinese horoscope 2011: Will the rabbit bring you luck?
The 3rd of February 2011 marks the start of the Year of the Metal Rabbit. Find out what your Chinese astrological sign has in store for you...
Japanese astrology: discover the Zen approach
Discover your Japanese astrological sign and find out what winter has in store for you.
Considering a psychic reading?
Following the recession more of us are turning to psychics for a little reassurance, discovers Cora Lydon.
Which precious stones bring you luck?
You may know what your birthstone is but did you know other precious stones can also have an influence on your life. Find out which stones could improve your day-to-day life!
Wedding astrology
Find out what kind of wedding you should have according to your horoscope.
Oracle of the Vikings: the magic rings
In Viking tradition, rings are a symbol of power and wealth. By activating the magic rings on the following page, you can stir up their symbolic power, which will guide you and help you get what you want...
Explaining astrology
Whatever newspaper or magazine you choose to read, be it a broadsheet or tabloid, high fashion or celebrity gossip, there is one thing they are all sure to contain: horoscopes...
Atlantis Astrology
The myth of Atlantis is a real mystery: discover your Atlantis reading!
Aries Horoscope | Aries Star Sign
Everything you need to know about Aries!
Numerology: what your name reveals about you
Discover the truth about your personality through the number that corresponds to your name.
The Dice of Love - relationship oracle
The Greeks used dice to predict the future of their love lives. Do the same to find out what your love life has in store over the coming weeks, whether you're in a relationship or not.
Love horoscope: which sign are you compatible with?
Find out what kind of lover you are, and which signs you will (and won't) make sparks with!
Brits follow formula to make their own luck in 2010
Four out of five Brits will use the power of thought and a positive mental attitude to ensure 2010 is luckier than last year.
Horoscope 2010: What does the year have in store?
Find out what the stars hold for you in 2010 in terms of love, work, finances and health.
Hebrew astrology
Allow the 22 letters that form the basis of Hebrew astrology to give you an insight into the coming months.
Love horoscope

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