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Baby development week 31 | New baby blog
Baby development week 31 - Mummy's first time away Over the weekend I went to a good friend’s hen party in the country, because I had to stay overnight, Naly was in the sole charge of her dad, Ryan...
Pregnancy blog week by week: Giving birth
Roanna's bundle of joy finally arrives, but not without plenty of panic, pain and a huge sigh of relief.
Pregnancy blog week by week: 40 weeks pregnant
Roanna is due to give birth any moment - so how does it feel to be expecting at 40 weeks pregnant?
Pregnancy Yoga Video - full routine
Check out our easy pregnancy yoga sessions - perfect for every trimester!
Pregnancy blog week by week: 39 weeks pregnant
Roanna is 39 weeks pregnant and can't wait to meet her new family member! Read on to find out how it feels to be 39 weeks pregnant.
Baby development week 30 | New baby blog
Find out how Lucy is coping with baby Naly at 7 months old!
Pregnancy blog week by week: 38 weeks pregnant
The baby is in position and fully formed - but how can you make labour start early? Roanna will try anything!
Pregnancy blog week by week: 37 weeks pregnant
At 37 weeks pregnant Roanna could give birth at any moment. Want to know how that really feels to be 37 weeks pregnant - read Roanna's week by week pregnancy blog.
Baby development week 29 | New baby blog
Baby development week 29 - Separation anxiety Naly is usually a very happy and cheerful little thing, most of the time I could put her on the sitting room floor playing with her toys for awhile when I get on with some housework...
Pregnancy blog week by week: 36 weeks pregnant
Swollen ankles, legs, fingers, tired and emotional? All totally normal if you're 36 weeks pregnant. Find out how it feels to be getting nearer to due date in Roanna's pregnancy blog.
Constipation in pregnancy
During the course of pregnancy, almost one in two women will suffer from constipation. In one in three of these women, constipation is pre-existing and is worsened by pregnancy...
Sickness in pregnancy | Vomiting in pregnancy
Sickness and vomiting in pregnancy are two of the most frequent afflictions encountered during pregnancy. They occur in almost one in two pregnancies, and begin soon after you miss your period...
Tiredness, dizziness and pains in pregnancy
Tiredness in pregnancy Excessive tiredness is common during the 1st trimester of pregnancy because of the hormonal changes, and the nausea and sickness which reduce your food intake...
Sciatica in pregnancy
Sciatica in pregnancy manifests itself through pain that spreads towards the bum and leg area Check with your GP to make sure that your pregnancy is the only cause of your sciatica...
Baby development week 28 | New baby blog
Baby development week 28 - Artistic child We finished our St. Ives trip to the Tate Modern, there was an interesting exhibition on. It’s an interactive piece where they ask everyone that comes into the gallery to get involved...
Pregnancy blog week by week: 35 weeks pregnant
Roanna is 35 weeks pregnant and has finally slowed down the pace to accommodate for her bigger bump - it's tiring carrying that extra load around!
Baby development week 27 | New baby blog
27 weeks old and Naly has grown so much! Ryan & Lucy take their new baby to the seaside
Pregnancy blog week by week: 34 weeks pregnant
At 34 weeks pregnant there's not long until due day, but with three more weeks left at work things are getting difficult to juggle.
Baby development week 26 | New baby blog
Baby development week 26 - Six months old! Naly turned six months old last sunday, I can’t believe my baby is already half a year old! I can't believe my baby's development at week 26 when I think back...
Taking folic acid may prevent speech delays in babies
A study by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health has found a link between folic acid and speech development that suggests taking supplements before and during pregnancy can reduce the risk of delayed language learning...
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