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Would You Trust An App To Look After Your Baby?

by Carla Cain Walther ,
Would You Trust An App To Look After Your Baby?© Getty

The Sproutling baby monitor is an interesting new device that guarantees to make parenting a lot easier. It doesn't just alert you to your baby's cries - it actually predicts when your baby will wake up, what mood they'll be in, and when you should be quieter when going about your business. But is this baby monitor an exciting new device or a sign that baby tech has gone way, way too far?

The makers of Sproutling want to help you become the best parent you can be, and their new relatively discreet baby monitor does just that! The device fits snugly on your baby's ankle and monitors skin temperature, heart rate, potential noise distractions, and your little one's movement as they sleep. Very cool, right?

The information is then transferred to the Sproutling app on your phone and if the background is red then there's an emergency. If the background is green, everything's all good with your sleeping baby.

​Because technology is smarter than us, over time the app will be able to predict when your baby will probably wake up and if you're doing anything - like watching TV or listening to music - that could disrupt their sleep. Watch the video to find out more:


Apparently, the app can also predict if your baby will wake up "calm, fussy, or angry," which gives us a pause.

We can't help but wonder if the app takes the parenting out of being a parent. In order to bond effectively with your baby, understanding the specific cries or physical behaviors indicate a certain mood or desire is important. But if Sproutling does that for you will it affect how well you know your baby?

​​Also, as helpful as the app is, it kinda exploits the insecurities of new parents, right? Yes, it's meant to ease your fears, but there's a strong chance that parents will be obsessively checking the app and worrying over even the smallest changes in heart rate or movement. And anything that adds more stress to parenting can't be good!

At the moment the monitor starts at $249 and will increase to $299 in the future. Do you want this invention to come to the UK?

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