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Dreams About Money

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Our dreams tell us a lot about our desires, even the unconfessed ones. Some leave their mark and their images can be interpreted, including the notion of money, which has different meanings according to the context.

Symbols of money
Psychoanalysts agree on dream interpretation of strong life themes like money, which is one of the strongest symbols.
It's a symbol of power and strength in modern society and has unstoppable ways of exerting power over others (as much in business as in love). Money can also represent a certain form of security for the future.
And, of course, money can also be synonymous with pleasure and sharing. On the other hand, it can sometimes become destructive, leading to betrayal, constant search for profit and addiction (to compensate for a lack of love).
In dreams, money represents the value a person puts either on themselves or on others or events, and this personal value makes up our personality (stable or unstable, happy or sad).

Different interpretations
In dreams, money can have different meanings depending on the context. Among the most common are:

- Money as silver: It can be a symbol of purity. Dreaming about silver in forms other than money (jewellery, for example) expresses a need to look at what’s really important in life and the values of life in relationships (friendship or love).

- Giving money: This act is far from harmless. If the dreamer generously gives money to someone it means that he or she needs to pay more attention to the person in question.
Spending money on others can mean that the dreamer feels a certain need to satisfy others in order to feel better about themself.
However, if the dream(s) are about repeated purchases, it means the dreamer is a big spender and a materialist. Buying a house or a car equals increasing personal worth, asserting one's personality and desires. And in the content of giving to the state (taxes and fines), it shows that the dreamer wishes to contribute to the functioning of society and reject individualism.

- Receiving money: Coming from an unknown person, it means that the dreamer must enhance her personal worth and so her self-esteem. If the person who gives the money is an acquaintance, this shows that this person appreciates you more than you imagine.

If you win a sum of money, you should conclude that you have real ability that you need to exploit more. If it’s a lot of money, this can mean that you'll have need to be self-confident and show others you exist. Some people also dream about finding money - maybe chance is smiling on them at last? And if the dreamer gets back money that is owed this means that their situation will stabilise.

- Losing money: This type of dream is never a good omen. It can mean that the dreamer is wasting time and energy in various areas of life (physically, emotionally and professionally). This loss should lead to self-questioning to help take control of life.

- Money in the form of treasure: Whether it’s money, gold or jewellery, this means a happy event is about to happen. It’s also a renewal in the dreamer's life and a development of personal worth. A project that will finally see the day, better health, an unexpected meeting...it could be a single event or several events that will restore energy and initiative.

- Money in the form of an inheritance. This can mean that the person who leaves the goods also transfers some of their human qualities (ambition, altruism and courage) that will strengthen the dreamer.

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