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JLS split: Oritsé breaks down in tears during Chatty Man interview

by Francesca Menato ,
JLS split: Oritsé breaks down in tears during Chatty Man interview© Getty

JLS Fans around the world wept at the news that their favourite boy band was breaking up this week. The lads shocked the world when the announced their decision and it looks like one member is taking it harder than the rest. Oritsé Williams broke down when the band spoke to Alan Carr about their decision to go their separate ways...

Oritsé Williams couldn't contain his emotions when he appeared on Alan Carr: Chatty Man on Wednesday night.

The JLS boys were on the show to discuss their shock decision to call time on their successful career since The X Factor 2008.

Oritsé and his fellow band mates - Marvin Humes, JB Gill and Aston Merrygold - all spoke to Alan about their desire to "end on a high".

But Oritsé - who put the band together - admitted that he was especially emotional when he saw the effect the break-up had had on their fans outside the Channel 4 Studios.

He said: "Emotions are running high - it’s only because I saw the fans literally as we were coming in to see you and just seeing them cry and seeing them upset really evoked that emotion in me."

Oritsé then stated to well-up when he started talking about the band's upcoming farewell arena tour and greatest hits album.

Dad-to-be Marvin went to comfort him as JB explained: "It’s Ortisé’s baby effectively, you know. He brought us together."

Marvin elaborated: "It’s an emotional decision. We’re best friends, we’re brothers, the bond between us is indescribable.

"We've been through so much since we first came together and no one would have dreamed what we achieved could be possible, and of course for it to all end was a massively emotional decision, and it wasn't one that was taken lightly."

Despite being overwhelmed by emotion, Oritsé was adamant that it's a "celebration".

He said: "At the end of the day we’ve had an amazing six years together, we’ve been on a journey. Nobody else may have seen the hard times as well as the good times, but we’re the luckiest four boys in the world."

The boys made it clear that they wanted to bow out from the industry at the peak of their career - they've enjoyed some incredible success, including five No.1 singles.

Marvin said: "We've had an incredible career for five years and we want to see it as a celebration that we’ve achieved so much. We wanted to go out on top and not be that act where people are like, 'Oh bloody hell, it’s JLS again'.

"We started in 2007, the last six years has been all of our wildest dreams come true. We never wanted to overstay our welcome in the industry, Alan.

"We wanted to bow out at the top, and I think that we’ve got a massive tour at the end of the year, and we wanted to do that; remain friends, finish at the top and go out with a bang really."

All the boys have assured fans they remain very close and will continue on to do their own things, but will always be "brothers".

JB said: "We are a band but it’s like family and in a family you grow up, the teenagers go off to college, they do their own thing, they might move house.

"We all live in similar areas and we’ll always have that bond, but it’s definitely time for us just to move on and I suppose be independent."

Marvin is expecting his first child with his wife Rochelle in a matter of weeks, but he did hint to Alan that he'd like to take part in I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here!.

We're sure this won't be last we see of the JLS lads.

​See the full interview with JLS on Alan Carr: Chatty Man on Friday 26th April at 10pm.​

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