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Katie Price and Kelly Brook feud: Jordan to "reveal everything" about Danny Cipriani

by Francesca Menato ,
Katie Price and Kelly Brook feud: Jordan to "reveal everything" about Danny Cipriani© Getty

Life as Katie Price's ex-boyfriend does not seem a particularly stress-free job. And nor does life as that ex's next girlfriend. Kelly Brook faces various claims against her boyfriend Danny Cipriani as Jordan prepares to release a tell-all book.

Katie Price has warned Kelly Brook to prepare herself for proof that her boyfriend Danny Cipriani is "incapable of being faithful".

The girls have been on bad terms ever since underwear model Kelly started dating Danny again - months after his split from Katie.

Although Katie - aka Jordan - is now happily married to part-time stripper Kieran Hayler, she's made it clear that all of her exes may want to brace themselves for her latest autobiography.

The book is set to "reveal everything" about her old boyfriends.

Though Katie has warned Kelly about what she can expect, the Celebrity Juice star doesn't seem too bothered and is prepared to give as good as she gets.

In a recent episode of Keith Lemon's comedy panel show, Kelly was asked: "What did Katie Price do for her husband Kieran on their wedding day?"

Kelly, 33, responded: "Did she burn my calendar hanging on his wall?"

Never one to avoid an argument, 35-year-old Katie got on Twitter to blast her foe.

She posted: "I'm sure Kelly wouldn't be laughing if I said the things Danny Cip said to me about her in the bedroom..."

Kelly Brook and Danny Cipriani © Instagram
Kelly Brook and Danny Cipriani
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Kelly hit back: "@MissKatiePrice No, but I did laugh when he turned up at my house driving your car the next day I don't think you know anything."

Things really got out of hand when Katie seemed to start accusing rugby player Danny, 25, of something pretty close to cheating.

She said: "@IAMKELLYBROOK ask danny about his emails & texes sent to me behind your back which ill show you kieran agrees he will never be faithful."

And went on to add: "@IAMKELLYBROOK thanks for confirming DC drove my car without a licence & insurance! read my auto biog out in october I reveal EVERYTHING xx."

Nice plug there Katie...

Kelly quickly followed up with a few loved-up snaps of her and the man in question on holiday in Tobago.

Kelly and Danny have dated before and apparently split when she had grew sick of his alleged wandering eye.

You never know what's true when it comes to with these serious b*tch-fights.

Jordan actually kicked off the feud back in February when she branded Kelly a "heifer" in her newspaper column, accusing her of "comfort eating" after her split from Thom Evans.

Kelly's original response was very calm and collected as she said: “I was really disappointed when I heard what had been said. It is unladylike as far as I’m concerned for another woman to say that sort of thing publicly about another woman.

“I wasn’t angry with what she said, just confused. I definitely don’t look like a heifer and it’s not something I am going to lose any sleep over."

Sadly the mature response didn't last and the girls seem to be in full blown battle mode now.

Kelly Brook © Getty
Kelly Brook
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Francesca Menato
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