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Daily Mail shocker: fat women have sex too…

by Jo Middleton ,
Daily Mail shocker: fat women have sex too…© Polka Dot

I saw this story in the Daily Mail today (I was looking for work reasons, not for pleasure), and just had to comment….

When I saw it, it was one of the lead stories on the home page. It showed a picture of two attractive women, one fat and one thin. By fat I mean perfectly normal UK size, not a size ten, but not some sort of fifty stone ‘the woman who hasn’t left her bed for ten years’ channel five documentary type fat. It was basically two ordinary women.

The headline next to it read “one is a virgin, one has had 50 lovers. Can you guess which is which? You may be surprised by the answer...”

You click through...

The fat woman has had 50 lovers!!

Surely not??

Shock horror!! You don’t have to be a size zero to enjoy a healthy sex life!! You can be a size 16 and not repulse people!!

And that’s NEWS apparently.

I mean. Really. If you need an example of why The Daily Mail is a Bad Thing, then this is perfect. This is Daily Mail at its women-hating best. Is it any wonder that women have such issues with body image when this is the kind of bullshit our minds are being filled with? The men and women reading this are supposed to be genuinely surprised are they that a women who is a stone or two heavier than average might actually be attractive and feel good about herself?

That’s all.

*fumes quietly*

By Jo Middleton

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Jo Middleton
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