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Key concerns at a glance

Weight gain during pregnancy

When you're pregnant, you hear a lot of different things about weight gain. There's pressure to look lean and trim, with a neat little baby bump just like Kate Middleton, but in...

Everything You Need To Know About Your Waters Breaking

The idea of your waters breaking during pregnancy can be a bit of a weird concept to get your head around.

Positions For Labour: The Best Positions To Give Birth

When you think of a woman giving birth, what do you imagine? Is it a woman lying on a bed, legs spread? It might well be, because that's what TV and films would have us believe...

Ways to induce labour: a practical guide to inducing labour

From sex and curry to a cervical sweep, there are a number of ways to induce labour. But which ones really work, what are the risks involved, and which - if any - should you consider...

Sciatica in pregnancy

Sciatica in pregnancy manifests itself through pain that spreads towards the bum and leg area

Tiredness, dizziness and pains in pregnancy

Excessive tiredness is common during the 1st trimester of pregnancy because of the hormonal changes, and the nausea and sickness which reduce your food intake.

Sickness in pregnancy | Vomiting in pregnancy

Sickness and vomiting in pregnancy are two of the most frequent afflictions encountered during pregnancy.

Pregnancy massage and aromatherapy

Pregnancy massage can be used in the last few weeks of pregnancy to aid relaxation, and bring relief to tense muscles and aching backs. It should only be carried out by a qualified...

Herbal tea in pregnancy & herbalism

Herbalism relies on herbal or botanical remedies made from plants or plant extracts to treat ailments. Herbal tea in pregnancy is often used to provide safe nutrition and reduce...

Everything You Need To Know About The Abortion Pill But Were Too Afraid To Ask

Women have had access to the abortion pill for over a decade but there’s still a lot of miscommunications and misconceptions when it comes to what it’s for and what it does. This...

Daily Mail shocker: fat women have sex too…

I saw this story in the Daily Mail today (I was looking for work reasons, not for pleasure), and just had to comment….

World’s first fertility app available on the iPhone

The world’s first human fertility app has launched in the UK to help would-be parents start a family quickly and without the huge expense of using fertility clinics.

Reflux in babies

Reflux is when the contents of the stomach come back up towards the mouth after feeding. Read about the complications of reflux and treatments for babies.

Pelvic floor exercises

Pelvic floor exercises restore the strength and elasticity of the pelvic floor. But what exactly is the pelvic floor, and why are the exercises necessary?

Getting back in shape after pregnancy

Find out what you should be doing over the weeks following the birth of your baby to help you get back on form and in shape.

Premature babies

A premature baby is born before the expected date, which means before 37-41 weeks. Here's our guide to premature births.

What's It Like To Have Sex After Pregnancy?

You hear a lot about sex to get pregnant and sex after pregnancy, but sex during pregnancy tends to be a bit of a mystery.

Exercise and pregnancy

If you're an exercise junkie and you're expecting, you'll undoubtedly be asking yourself if you can still exercise during your pregnancy. This depends on the sport or exercise...

High blood pressure in pregnancy

During pregnancy high blood pressure can pose a real danger to mother and child. Here are the reasons and consequences.


During your pregnancy your doctor may offer you an amniocentesis. What is it? Does it indicate abnormalities for the baby? Here's what you need to know.