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Herbal tea in pregnancy & herbalism

by the editorial team Published on 19 August 2011
Herbal tea in pregnancy & herbalism

Herbalism relies on herbal or botanical remedies made from plants or plant extracts to treat ailments. Herbal tea in pregnancy is often used to provide safe nutrition and reduce pregnancy pains. It's been used for centuries by many cultures but should only be practiced with the advice of professionals.

Herbal tea in pregnancy & herbalism

Is herbalism and herbal tea safe in pregnancy

It’s important not to underestimate the power of herbal medicine and pregnant women shouldn’t self-prescribe - sometimes remedies are contra-indicated or unsuitable. A natural healthcare practitioner can advise on herbal remedies that perfectly suit the individual.

What can herbal tea and herbalism help with?

-Increased nutritional benefits: Philip Week, Master Herbalist and Acupuncturist says, “In my clinic I find one of the most useful remedies is raspberry leaf tea.

"Usually taken during the last trimester, it can help by providing increased nutrition, as the tea is rich in calcium, iron, b vitamins all essential when the baby is growing.

-Pain relief: "Raspberry leaf tea is drunk for its ability to make labour easier, reduce muscle cramps and reduce the possibility of tearing" says Week, "It contains a constituent called fragrine which is believed to help tone pelvic muscles.

"The normal dosage would be at least 1 tsp of dried leaf infused into a cup of hot water daily, although some women drink as much as four cups daily.”

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Herbal Remedies

By Naomi Majid

- Published on 19 August 2011
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