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World’s first fertility app available on the iPhone

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World’s first fertility app available on the iPhone© Photodisc

The world’s first human fertility app has launched in the UK to help would-be parents start a family quickly and without the huge expense of using fertility clinics.

The LifeForce fertility app is set to launch on iTunes on 20/4/10 for £3.99, and provides users and their partners 24-hour access to information direct to their iPhone, on the best treatments and, if necessary, the cheapest drugs to help them start a family.

The application is the first of its kind in the world and offers individually targeted fertility consultations with Harley Street clinician Dr Laurence Shaw, a leading consultant with nearly 30-years experience in reproductive medicine and surgery.

Dr Shaw helps identify the problems with each individual LifeForce patient and offers up the best treatment at the touch of the screen, taking the user through the diagnosis of their fertility problems.

Using the detailed menu options on the touch screen the patient is taken through their possible fertility problems, from tubal, ovulatory and sperm problems before considering the need for ICI, IVF and finally egg or sperm surrogacy. These specifically tailored video consultations from Dr Shaw are all free with the app and could cut down the need for £300-an-hour appointments at fertility centres.

The LifeForce also looks at possible psychological factors with the patient’s infertility and top UK counsellor Jules Williams is also on video providing help for would-be parents to overcome underlying mental blocks - the aim being to reduce stress levels that are often a major obstacle to a successful pregnancy. It represents a three-dimensional approach to fertility care.

LifeForce is the brainchild of Rosemary Reed who devised the app after going though the ordeal of IVF on several occasions herself.

Rosemary said: “The fertility industry in this country is making a fortune out of desperate people struggling to start a family and 75% of the time the treatments don’t even work.

“I thought people were getting a raw deal so I decided to create an instant and cheap alternative for would-be parents. LifeForce will cut the need for expensive consultations to the bare minimum and give impartial advice on whether IVF is even necessary and if so where to get the right drugs at the cheapest price."

And she added: “I’ve put together an incredible team with LifeForce, both Laurence and Jules are leaders in their field and will provide 24 hour medical and emotional support that patients need at every stage. This way the app will offer help and reassurance at any time of the day to would-be parents, regardless of whether they can afford private clinics or they are waiting for NHS treatment.”

For more details on LifeForce and the team behind it you can go to: www.lifeforceteam.co.uk

And you can see a demo of the app at: www.lifeforceteam.co.uk/app/deploy/swfpreview.html

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