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These Easter Egg Hunt Clues Will Keep Your Children On Their Toes

by Ursula Dewey ,
These Easter Egg Hunt Clues Will Keep Your Children On Their Toes© kzenon/iStock/Getty Images

Spring has sprung and Easter is just around the corner. On April 16 children will be searching their gardens and knocking each other over just to find the eggs their parents have so carefully hidden. When it comes to candy and free trinkets, children go wild. So to add even more excitement to an old tradition, you might want to try out these fun Easter egg hunt clues this year.

These cute little rhymes will keep them guessing and might even help tame the chaos that typically ensues with egg hunts during this widely-celebrated holiday. And if you really want to avoid any fights between your kids over who gets which egg, divide up the clues amongst them.

This way, no one has to share (though we all know sharing is caring). They're bound to enjoy this scavenger style egg hunt as an alternative to simply wandering outside, picking up eggs from the grass. I mean as much as I loved getting free candy from the Easter bunny, a little more mystery would've been nice. So make sure to print out these clues from sofeminine for your upcoming Easter egg hunt, or even just use them as a starting point for your own clues!

1. Up On a Tree Branch

I've been and gone with Easter eggs
With yummy treats inside
So if you want some goods today
​You'll find me where birds hide

2. Under the Couch Cushion

I watch TV with you all day
And give you a place to sit
To find this egg that was left behind
Check the cushiony, loose change pit

3. On a Bookcase

Don't give up, we're just getting started
There are so many places to look
If you want egg three to add to your basket
It might be next to a book

4. Within the Bushes

I'm a green and leafy part of nature
You don't have to search too far
There are flowers growing all around me
You'll find me in the yard

5. Inside a Cookie Jar

If a chocolate-y sweet is what you seek
You'll see plenty of that here
What I contain goes great with milk
And will have you grinning from ear to ear

6. Under the Bed

Monsters hide beneath the place you sleep
But they're as friendly as can be
The Easter bunny dropped something off
Maybe an egg or two, or three

7. Sitting Inside a Mailbox

My friend Pat dresses in blue
And delivers letters every day
Find out where he sends them
Here an egg is tucked away

8. On the Staircase

People run up and down me
To get from floor to floor
The Easter bunny left a gift here
Before hopping out the door

9. In the Fridge

Brr, it's chilly
So grab a sweater
This egg hunt
Keeps getting better

10. Placed Beneath a Pillow

When mom and dad say good night
They tuck you into bed
You'll find a certain something
Near the place you lay your head

11. Tucked Into a Windowshade

When the sun is shining bright all day
But it's too much for your eyes
You can close these over the windows
And even hide a neat surprise

12. In a Shoe

You might find that it's quite smelly
In the place I'm hiding now
You wear these things on your feet
While you walk around

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