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9 Indoor Activities to Do With Your Children on a Snow Day

by Emma Goddard ,
9 Indoor Activities to Do With Your Children on a Snow Day© weheartit

When you're young, snow days are the best. But once you're working a full-time job, which requires a full-on blizzard for a snow day, or you're a stay-at-home mum, when your kids suddenly have the day off school, it can throw you for a loop. Your routine gets messed up and now you have to come up with creative indoor activities for your child to do.

  1. · Make an Indoor Snowman
  2. · Bake Up Some Pizza Biscuits
  3. · Build a Fort & Project a Movie on the Wall
  4. · Try Out This Awesome Edible Play-Doh
  5. · Get Groovy With This DIY Lava Lamp
  6. · Have Some Friendly Competition
  7. · Make a Jellyfish In a Bottle
  8. · Have a DIY Day
  9. · Go All Out With a Popcorn Party

Panic mode sets in. Sure, why not throw on some "Frozen" and let them build a snowman? Really though, we all know that there's only so much you can do outside in the freezing cold before you and/or your child wants to go back inside where the fire is blazing. And if you don't live near any hills you can pretty much check off sledding from the list.

So when it comes down to it, preparing fun indoor activities for your children while they're on their snow day demands a little bit more thought. Thankfully, we've done the work for you so you can sit back and enjoy your child's company. Here are some exciting things we have in store for you:

Make an Indoor Snowman

Thanks to Steph over at "Modern Parents Messy Kids," you can let your little ones build a snowman inside the house when they're tired of being outside in the cold. This idea is genius. I know it's not like the real thing, but your kids will probably be happy knowing that they'll be warm and can sip on hot chocolate while making their mini Olaf. Plus, this snowman won't melt.

Bake Up Some Pizza Biscuits

I don't know about you, but when I was a kid, I loved cooking and baking alongside my parents. In fact, I even used to help my dad peel and devein shrimp for dinner when I was just in primary school! Children love to help out in the kitchen, so why not prepare their snacks and meals with them? My friend introduced me to this wonderfully simple recipe and it'll definitely be a hit with boys and girls of all ages.

Build a Fort & Project a Movie on the Wall

First of all, I don't know anyone who, even as an adult, doesn't like forts. Second, this fun activity will bring back memories of camping and outdoor fun, but can take place from the comfort of your living room. While making a snow igloo might seem like more fun, from my experience trying to build one with my friends, I can tell you that you probably won't make it half-way before calling it quits. Forts and movies are just as fun without all the hassle!

Note: If you don't have a a projector, you can either set up your fort in front of a TV or make your own with a shoebox and magnifying glass!

Try Out This Awesome Edible Play-Doh

Wait, edible Play-Doh? Yep, you read that correctly. This edible Play-Doh recipe from Lemon Lime Adventures will allow your children to mold their own figures and eat it too! This is especially great for really young children who don't know any better than to stick things in their mouths. Plus, you can even use Nutella in this recipe! Amen to that!

Get Groovy With This DIY Lava Lamp

"Lava lamps are so 60s, I hate them"... said no kid ever. Though the concept might be old, lava lamps are always in. After all, your children have no idea when they were invented. All they care about is the fact that they're so much fun to watch. Your child will be mesmerized by their own creation that you might not even have to come up with activities for the rest of the day!

Have Some Friendly Competition

Just because your kids get to skip school for a snow day doesn't mean that they can't do something to stimulate their minds at home. No matter their age, you can come up with a fun game that everyone can play! And if you have enough people in your family, you could even try your hand at your own version of "Minute to Win It"!

Make a Jellyfish In a Bottle


I love this jellyfish in a bottle idea from YouTube user, Barrett Sanders! This craft is so simple to make and requires very few materials. Plus, what's better than letting your kid have their own ocean "pet" for the day? Throw on some "Finding Nemo" in the background and you'll be set.

Have a DIY Day

Has your teen been complaining lately about how (s)he wishes she could buy clothes and decor from all the coolest brands, just like her friends? Well on an allowance-type budget, that's not gona' happen (I would know). So why not spend some mother-daughter (or even mother-son!) bonding time making your own versions of those overpriced items you see at stores like Urban Outfitters?

Go All Out With a Popcorn Party

Planning a movie day for your children? Make the most of it by having a popcorn party. Microwave a couple bags of plain popcorn (enough to fill a few different bowls) and experiment with your kids by creating new and exciting flavor profiles! Cheesy caramel puff corn? Cinnamon bun popcorn? Or what about caramel marshmallow or cherry cordial popcorn? Whether salty or sweet, this will be a fun (and tasty) activity for your young children and even teenagers to enjoy.

Do you have any snow day activities you prepare for your kids? Tell us @sofeminineUK

This article was written by Emma Goddard. Follow her on Twitter @egoddardhokie.

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