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The Parenting Lie: What You Envision vs. What Actually Happens

by Carla Cain Walther ,
The Parenting Lie: What You Envision vs. What Actually Happens© Getty Images

No one becomes a parent thinking it'll be a walk in the park, but all parents hold onto the belief that their children will be a little better than the brats we see on the daily. Unfortunately, that's not true.

  1. · The First Photoshoot
  2. · The Grocery Store Trip
  3. · The Irrational Tantrum
  4. · The Exercise Game
  5. · The First Word
  6. · The Discipline Dream
  7. · The Screentime Dilemma
  8. · The Daily Dinner
  9. · The First Mum's Night Out
  10. · The Marriage

The First Photoshoot

Ah, yes. The first photo you'll send to family and post on Facebook to announce to the world that your baby is here (and really adorable)!!

Too bad newborns look like startled naked mole rats when they get their first photo taken!

The Grocery Store Trip

A fun errand where you can teach your kid all about veggies, fruits, and even surprise them with a box of ice-cream bars for being so well-behaved.

No, they definitely won't be distracted by the sugary foods and the kids acting like brats in the other aisles!

The Irrational Tantrum


When your kids are having a meltdown over nothing you hope that reason and time will subdue them eventually.


Except that doesn't happen.


The Exercise Game

...and you'll incorporate your kid into the routine for some extra bonding time!

Yeah, right.

The First Word

You hoooope it's going to be "Mummy," "Daddy," or "Love" but most of the time it's something boring...or dirty!





The Discipline Dream

You'll always explain in calm, rational terms why you're disappointed in your child's bad behaviour.

You won't be that mum who yells EVER!

The Screentime Dilemma

You'll be Super Mum who's amazing at arts & crafts and playing backyard games and never, ever checks her phone!

Nope, you would NEVER catch yourself getting sucked into Facebook when your child's around. Absolutely not!

The Daily Dinner

Once your family starts growing you'll have home-cooked family dinners EVERY night.

Or not.

The First Mum's Night Out

One night you FINALLY get all your married and babied friends together for the night of your liiiivesss!!!!

Until you realise chillin' at the bar with college boys who are trying to satisfy a MILF curiosity is NOT your idea of relaxing...

The Marriage

Finally, you and your partner promise to keep it spicy and hot no matter how many kids you have.

A few pregnancies later, the last thing you want at the end of a long day is another human being clawing at your for your attention.

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