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Time To Get Playful! 10 Christmas Craft Ideas For Kids

by Vivian KELLY ,
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Looking for simple play ideas for the holidays? Nurture your kids' creative spirits with fun loving crafts for Christmas. Whether it's a glittery ornament to pimp out your tree or a beautiful paper wreath to hang on your door there's always something cheap and cheerful for children to do.

  1. · Kid Made Christmas Ornaments
  2. · Snowman Milk Jugs
  3. · Cupcake Liner Christmas Trees
  4. · Snow Slime Recipe
  5. · Gorgeous Santa Star
  6. · Amazing Christmas tree
  7. · Toilet Roll Reindeer
  8. · Beautiful Paper Wreath
  9. · Yummy Bird Seed Ornament
  10. · Fingerprint Angels

'Tis the season to be jolly and make crafts! So turn off the telly and get crafting. Here are 10 easy fun crafts for kids, whatever their age...

1. Kid Made Christmas Ornaments

A beautiful whimsical star to brighten up even the dullest of trees. Plus, it's fun and super easy to make. Here's how to do it.

2. Snowman Milk Jugs

There's no need to splash out on expensive Christmas decor. Make these adorable snowman milk jug decorations in just FIVE easy steps. (It's a great way to recycle too). Here's how to make it...

3. Cupcake Liner Christmas Trees

Use your left over cupcake liners to make hand-crafted Christmas trees. Use it as an ornament or stick it on a homemade Christmas card. So original! Here's what you need...

4. Snow Slime Recipe

Christmas isn't Christmas without snow! Bring the snow to your home like this...

5. Gorgeous Santa Star

Introduce a holiday to tradition and give meaning to your tree this year. Here's how to make this oh so simple Santa star...

6. Amazing Christmas tree

Create your own bespoke painting with your kids this season! It involves just a few common crafting tools - here's what you need...

7. Toilet Roll Reindeer

A a no-mess, no-fuss X-mas craft. Here's how to make these cute reindeer ornaments...

8. Beautiful Paper Wreath

Bored of your door wreath? Have your kids make one for you! This is one for all of the family to get involved in. Here's how to make it.

9. Yummy Bird Seed Ornament

A great way to combine crafts with nature? Try this bird seed ornament. Here's one they'll love you for.

10. Fingerprint Angels

All you really need is your fingers! Make these angelic angels using your little one's thumbs. It's the perfect homemade gift for family and friends. Make it here...

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Vivian KELLY
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