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36 Disney Themed Cocktails For A Happy (Hour) Ever After

by Emmy Griffiths ,
36 Disney Themed Cocktails For A Happy (Hour) Ever After

Lets face it. Despite the fact we are fully functioning adults, we're always going to be totally obsessed with Disney. There's literally no point denying it. But now, instead of listening to the Mulan soundtrack and scream-crying 'BE A MAN' as we pre-drink, there's an entirely new and socially acceptable way of bringing Disney into your adult life - mainly getting completely plastered on these amazing Disney inspired cocktails. You're welcome.

Thanks to the amazing Cocktail Cody, we can now put together our two favourite things: Disney and alcohol! They have thought of everything, and the cocktails really seem to capture the personality of the character (for example, Gaston would SO drink amaretto and whisky, no argument).

So whether you're in a Disney Princess mood or fancy a darker, ominous cocktail (we recommend the Hades), these are the cocktails the Nineties kids have been waiting for!

Get ready to host a Disney-themed cocktail evening...

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Emmy Griffiths
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